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A ginormous masterpost of all (although I'm sure I've missed a couple) the stories set (at least partly) in the Blue Universe.
Items with no links are work I've started but haven't worked on much/enough to upload yet.
(You may note a lot are based on dreams. Yes, I dream about TFs a lot. (More than this list would imply, too. ¬_¬))

Update 11:15 01/01/2018: Stickified! Added a new little short; "Unspoken" (bottom of page for links).
Update 17:50 09/01/2018: Added a new short; "Different Kinds of Heat".
Update 12:07 13/01/2018: Added a new short; "All Begins with 'P'".
Update 12:36 05/03/2018: Added a new short; "Drug Dealing".
Update 22:33 13/05/2018: Added a new short; "Take the Initiative".
Update 08:26 24/05/2018: Added a new short; "Happy? Anniversary!"
Update 09:14 14/04/2019: Not any new links, specifically, but I have a new chapter of "Remember Me" uploaded.

Screaming Blue Murder / SBM (Blue AU 1)
The one that started it all off. I was expecting it to be a short, one-off, and then I’d lose interest and go back to my old universe. 10 years on, and Skywarp is still happy and active in my brain.
G1-based. Sometimes, all you need is the right sort of NUDGE to get enemies to work together - as Starscream's trine discover when embroiled in a police investigation back on Cybertron. But just what IS that Blue stuff, anyway?
Complete, but I’m not planning on uploading this to AO3 until I’ve had the chance to edit, so… that could be any time between now and 2050, really. ¬_¬
Also on DreamWidth/DW, kind of? Just... backwards.

Warped (Blue AU 2) could be said that the Screaming Blue debacle had some "interesting" side effects - which causes a serious ripple that leaves a certain command trine grounded, split up, and scattered across the globe, unable even to contact each other. Add to the mix a vengeful former addict, determined to pay them back for foiling their plans for Deixar, and well... Maybe swallowing one's pride and asking for outside help is the only viable option.
...Who'd have ever thought a pair of unplanned sparklings could cause so many problems?
Complete - but as with SBM, I’m not planning on uploading this to AO3 until I’ve had the chance to edit it a little.
Also mirrored on DW

Future Tense / FT (Blue AU 3)
OK, so. As heroes go? Skywarp probably wouldn't have been anyone's first choice - even he isn't entirely sure about it. But if you can't get anyone else to notice the freaking ALIEN INVASION on your doorstep? Sometimes you gotta go against your code, and what started as a quest to find his way home has turned into a quest for the survival of their entire way of life.
In Progress! [link to ffnet] [link to DW]

Remember Me, or, the Ballad of the Exploding Seeker / RM (Blue AU 4)
You know he’s still out there. With an empty trophy room shelf, with your name on it?
The war is over. Cybertron is healing, settling into a new age of peace, recovery, and cautious optimism.
Away on a distant mud-ball world, the ancient warlord everyone had allowed themselves the luxury of forgetting is biding his time, watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike.
Well, you don't put work into rebuilding if the traitors willingly do it all for you. You just need to wait. And there's a space on his trophy shelf reserved for the wings of a certain scarlet traitor.
In Progress: [link to ffnet] [link to DW]

Aude Sapere novels:
Some of these include characters from the Blue AU, as follows:

Adverse Camber – falls between FT and RM
Tracking the fugitive Firewire all the way from their home planet, Celerity and Slipstream find themselves in the Telluvia system; a heavily populated holiday world for the rich and unprincipled. Injured and subsequently "rescued" from the sewers by Nuori-Deuchainn laboratories, Celerity finds herself thrust into the unwilling role of "specimen", to pay off her supposed debts to her rescuers. It is up to Slipstream - angry and resentful, blaming her for everything that happened - to not only forgive his aunt, and rescue her from Madame Pabishka's talons before the gentle femme is completely redesigned and reprogrammed, but also somehow catch the fleeing criminal and save his sister, too.
In progress

Toccata and Fugue – set after RM (as Skydash is a little more grown up – I headcanon her as roooughly the equivalent of a human 7 year old. )
Strange things are happening at the Deixar Rift.
The broken, seismic ravine has been used by the people of Deixar for countless centuries to define their little district, and seen as nothing more sinister than big crack in the ground. In Surkea Mental Health Institute towards the North, however, someone has been playing with the branes that divide the multiverse, and... something... has come through...
And it may be up to two sparklings to not only figure out the mystery, but save their family, and stop the monsters from consuming their whole world into the bargain.
In progress

Memento Mori
Remember that you must die.
(Waaay into the future as Dash and Blink are canonically both young adults, although only Blink makes an appearance in this one (and not as a robot for most of it, haha).
Hesger was once a gem of the Outer Rim; a young colony on a small forest world, important for its scientific prowess, and popular among holidaymakers for its beautiful scenery and health spas.

...all that was before the arrival of Hesgeri haemorrhagic fever. Released accidentally by one of the teams researching a cure, the bioweapon tears unchecked through the population, in only a few years killing all but a handful of mutilated survivors calling themselves “blights”. Under a self-imposed planetwide quarantine, the technological revolution collapses, and the cities grow derelict.

It is on this abandoned world that Blink, a lovelorn robot girl trying to find a place to belong, finds herself; abducted, dumped and stranded, after a failed attempt to break into the mysterious Kust Institute of Science. With a future that looks pretty bleak, a dying cross-dimensional being “gifts” her with a new, biological body – a gift that is meant to help her survive, but feels more like a curse.

Blink must now come to terms not just with her new body and newfound mortality, but also the fact she may be trapped on this world for the rest of her life, with no way to even tell her family what has happened, and in constant danger from those who don't precisely have her best interests in mind. Perhaps most importantly, however, she and her new friends must figure out the hidden extra that came with Frond's unwanted gift – a hidden extra that might just save the planet.

(Kinda my take on werewolves? And I still actually quite lie this one! I need to figure out a lot of the handwavery, but I’m still quite pleased with the actual story.)
Complete! But still needs plenty of editing.

Memento Vivere
Remember that you must LIVE.
Trapped in the wrong body, a self-doubting engineer must find friends among hungry monsters and stop a growing evil before impending war consumes the galaxy.

Skydash has come to Hesger to rescue her best friend Blink, and help her search for the strange entities responsible for turning her into a laima, hoping they might be kind enough to reverse the process and give her back her old body.

Nothing is ever so straightforwards, though. The Gok are angry, and refuse to help – and when a predatory medusi steps in to ‘help’ Blink sell Skydash, things go from bad to worse.

"Memento Vivere" is the sequel to "Memento Mori" - the two stories are opposites, after a fashion, "Remember you must Die" versus "Remember you must Live". Where the first story involved Blink understanding her impossibly-changed sense of mortality and overcoming the obstacles it brought with it, in spite of the knowledge she might die, Memento Vivere deals with remembering to live, when it all looks hopeless and it would be easier to just sit and accept the fate someone else has decided for her.
In progress!.

Shorter stories
In Shining Armour
Everyone has their break point, and Whitesides - a small, sad former police constable - seems to have finally located his. But running blind into an unsafe district you're (at best) unfamiliar with, with no friendly faces to rely on to help you out if you get in a bind? Whatever made you think that was a good idea, Whites?
(A longer "short", I think? Nothing uploaded yet)

Nothing Set in Stone (Set some time after FT, and possibly after RM as well?)
The war may be over, but Cybertron is running out of habitable space, and Starscream and trine are out exploring the wild frontier, prospecting for suitable colony planets. Unfortunately, not everyone out assessing Starscream’s list of candidate worlds were meant to be there, were they, Pulsar? And not every planet is as empty – or safe – as it looks.
Next time Skywarp suggests you come along to “help”, just say no.
(Another "longer" short - already 15,000 words, haha - but nothing uploaded yet.)

Aviation Flu
Poor Skywarp seems to have come down with some kind of hideous virus. Maybe next year, when he says he’s had his firewall patched, he won’t be talking out of his aft.
[link to] [Link to DW] [Link to tumblr] [Link to devART]

Happiness and Beauty
Prompt based. (“Happiness” was Jan 1st and “Beauty” was Jan 2nd. 2015. See how long I’ve been poking it?) Waveguide gets away from the Seekers buzzing around his airspace, and finally locates something like inner peace.

Needs / Wants (Set some time in the middle of FT)
Different Kinds of Heat
Two shorts with Pulsar and Thundercracker, set immediately after the second fax!Skywarp has been “dealt with”.
(One of these days I’ll remember if I called it “needs/wants” or “wants/needs”)
Needs/Wants: [link to]
Nobody ever said needs and wants had to be mutually inclusive. Lost and unsure of his future, TC is thinking of going back to Vos; Pulsar reminds him he has friends here, too.
Different Kinds of Heat: [link to AO3] [link to] [link to DW] [link to devART]
Since their little one-to-one, Pulsar has started seeing TC in a slightly different light.

Not Age Appropriate
If that little scarlet and silver sparkling isn’t Starscream, it’s an awful big coincidence that it just happens to have shown up the instant the red Seeker went missing… For once, it’s Skywarp (with his vast experience of B-movies) that might be the only one that’s right about the situation – he thinks it’s ridiculous and there is no way it’s Starscream. But that means… where is their wingleader?
My take on the whole “character is regressed into a sparkling” trope; I’ve always thought it was cute, but my writing doesn’t usually go that way. I think I might have lampshaded it, somewhat…

“See? You polish up pretty nice, when you put your mind to it.”
New Vos is recognised as an autonomous state, at last, and Skywarp finally has a bath.

Based on a dream. Sooort of a play on words; as in, I’ve always ascribed to the notion that in the event TFs actually HAVE genders (and it's not an artefact of the way the English language just doesn't have a good gender-neutral pronoun), they're not fixed, and they can change them if they need or want to. How would everyone handle it, though?
(I’m not sure if this is worth pursuing; I don’t know I can do it justice, not to mention I’m cis, so I have no idea if it’d be considered respectful (although I’d like to think it was?))

Anger Mismanagement
Everybody knew it was a near-certainty that a sparkling raised by former Decepticons would at least have an element of violence in his upbringing, but nobody expected quite such a huge change in Slipstream's behaviour - from that bright-eyed, friendly sparkling to a hostile, belligerent adolescent. Just what has happened since his family's trine crashed out of the war to work such a huge burr into the little mech's plating?
[link to] [Link to DW]

Learning Curve
Follow up to Anger Mismanagement. Slipstream is on Earth, learning how to Autobot. He probably ought to learn his own limits first, though.

The Wrong Trousers (aka “Refluxed”)
From a list of prompts for “coupled characters”: Describe or Draw… One borrowing the other’s clothes
Well, since robots don’t wear clothes, what else could they swap?
Skywarp has never seen a seeker so keen to walk friggin’ everywhere.

Based on a dream. This one started out very strange, and has gone even stranger. Pulsar finds out the hard way just HOW they make those incredibly-lifelike toys on sale in Telluvia. (NSFW. NSF brain, either.)

Seem makes a new ‘friend’ when Greenbolt moves into his dorm.

Skywarp vs the Volcano
Jet turbines and volcanic ash are not a good mixture.

It’s very difficult to focus when someone is pelting you with snowballs.

Seems like rain
Sometimes it only takes a misunderstanding. Joyride wonders how it is that she never noticed Slipstream likes the rain, when everyone else seems to be aware of it.

Take the Initiative
“Guys like me and TC aren’t that good at noticing subtle hints. We’ve spent most of a lifetime fighting Autobots whose idea of ‘subtle’ was ‘shoot the fraggers out of the sky’. Right? So, if you wanna get us to notice something, you’ve gotta beat it into our heads with a mallet. Some of us with a bigger mallet than others, granted.”
     Skywarp plays matchmaker. Mostly because he can’t stand all those wistful sighs and longing glances.
[link to AO3] [link to] [Link to DW] [Link to tumblr] [Link to devART]

Keeping It
Whitesides has never been very good at keeping himself out of trouble, and you don't get much bigger problems than an unplanned pregnancy... but sometimes the biggest problem is finding someone you trust enough to talk to about it.
[link to AO3] [link to] [Link to DW] [Link to tumblr] [Link to devART]

Poultry Excuses
Skyfire never paid much attention to the rumours that said the self-styled Pride of the Air Force was a chicken - until, of course, a certain set of Twins got involved.
[link to AO3] [link to]

Who'd ever have kids?
Some mechs are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have THEIR WINGMATE'S FRIGGIN' BRATS thrust upon them. After falling gracelessly out of the 'Cons, and then losing a whole third of his trine, poor Starscream has a headache. (Thundercracker wants to know who doesn't, these days?) And now the absent Skywarp's offspring won't leave him alone.
[link to] [Link to DW] [Link to tumblr] [Link to devART]

The Dotted Plague
For once, Jazz hasn't been roped into spark-sitting – and still ends up caught up in the twins' mayhem.

A Sticky Situation
Spike Witwicky was asked to “keep an eye” on Footloose. He fails quite spectacularly. And sparklings really shouldn't go around sampling Squishie energon.

Making Art
Footloose draws a picture for her most favouritest person in the whole universe (well, apart from Ama).

Study is Overrated
Skywarp can’t see why Pulsar is so keen to sit and study instead of pay attention to him.

Up on the Roof
A little slice of life; Pulsar and Thundercracker sit on the roof above his office, chatting about the past.

Let it Snow
(I put this little storylet in my Christmas Cards, one year.) Whitesides and Pulsar take the sparklings to visit friends (Sei and Mirii) and inadvertently get snowed in.

Dirge’s Storm
Very short – only a couple of hundred words. Dirge goes out for a fly in a thunderstorm - the only time he actually ever seems to be comfortable.

Skywarp has a question to ask Pulsar, and definitely needs a little privacy from his wingmates to do it. (Chicken out? What do you mean?)
[link to ffnet] [link to DW] [link to Tumblr]

All Begins with "P"
...because it does, really, doesn't it? If not for the first "P", none of the other "P"s might have happened. Plagiarism, passive-aggressive, petty, pranks, and paint!
[link to AO3] [link to ffnet] [link to DW] [link to Tumblr] [link to devART]

Drug Dealing
Although she appreciates the determination certain people have to cure her illness, Forceps wishes it didn't leave her feeling like Starscream's pet science project.
[link to AO3] [link to ffnet] [link to DW] [link to Tumblr] [link to devART]

NEW! 24/05/2018: Happy? Anniversary!
Happy 10th Birthday, Blue Universe! Warp and Pulse swap notes on how long they’ve been together and managed to not kill each other (intentionally or otherwise). So, Starscream still lives with a bunch of obnoxious glitches. (No sympathy. He brings it on himself.)
[link to AO3] [link to ffnet] [link to DW] [link to Tumblr] [link to devART]
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