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A/N: I should probably apologise for this last bit, as it’s only got my OCs in it, and stuff, but you know what? I’m not gonna. :) It’s all shamelessly self-indulgent and horrible and I had great fun being blatant and fangirly with it. So…

*neener!* ;P

‘‘Screaming Blue Murder’’, Epilogue )
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A/N: And here it is! The last proper chapter. Status quo can now resume.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to those people who’ve reviewed and typo-spotted and stuff. :bows down: I don’t think I’d have got all the way to the end without you (and the evil side of me that took such morbid joy in scattering cliffhangers through the thing). :love: :hugs: :etc:
The completely OC-centric epilogue will be up pretty quick after this one (like, probably instantly) because it’s shamelessly self-indulgent and horrible, but for once I DON’T CARE, because I actually made it all the way to the end of a story for once! :dances about gleefully: Won’t make any difference to the story here if you skip over it. ;)

‘‘Screaming Blue Murder’’, Chapter 34 )
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A/N: Once again, I have to say “well, this and the next chapter were going to be one single thing, but it got all monster silly long and I had to divide it”. But! you will be relieved to hear, the next chapter (34) is the last, aside from the epilogue, which is all fangirly and horrible, so you may want to skip it. So! I hope to get the last two bits up in the next couple of days, and the magnum opus is finished.

…And I can (finally) get some sleep. :snores: (:is joking:)

I apologise profusely for being a doofus and adding cast members that I'm having a real hard time thinking how to relate to the plot. I knew I shouldn't have dragged so many characters in, particularly canon ones, but my brain has already gone a’splode. :( Maybe I'll do better next time!

Kiiiinda foreshadowing here with the whole thing with Siphon. ¬_¬ And I should confess to being greatly entertained by writing bitchy Cali. :D She's turned from sweet inoffensive little analyst into The Uber-Cow.

...Okay, I'll be quiet and get on with the story, yes? ;) And if you couldn’t see THIS coming, well, I don’t think I could be much more blatant. :P

‘‘Screaming Blue Murder’’, Chapter 33 )
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A/N: Once again, seems disinclined to notify my readers of the update, or me of any reviews. Bah!

...yes, the great lady can kick some serious aft when she feels so inclined. Bwahaha.

‘‘Screaming Blue Murder’’, Chapter 32 )
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‘‘Screaming Blue Murder’’, Chapter 31 )

A/N: Whee. About 2 more to go (and the epilogue) then I'm done. :) *skips* Then to think about... OMG sequels. *WIGGLES* Seriously, this one has been fun to write. :D

The epilogue is sort of almost a one-shot stand-alone thingy. I'm debating if I should post it separately. *ponders* Its horribly fangirly, so I may leave it as an ElJay-Land only special.

Hm hm hm.
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A/N: Aaaannnnd... 29!

The author humbly, humbly apologises (not! :P) for this one. I seem to have turned into a horrible scary fangirl, oh noes. :( (Should I promise not to make a habit of this? It just kinda happened… I probably ought to deny any responsibility. They made me do it!)

Anyway. If you want to avoid the fangirlspasm, you can probably stop at “an elite what, exactly?”

All right I’ll shut up before my author’s notes end up longer than the chapter. *skips off*

‘‘Screaming Blue Murder’’, Chapter 29 )

A/N: All right, you can all hit me now. *runs away!*

I have been dreaming of illustrations for this again. Why the heck do I always latch onto the stupidest little phrase for my subconscious to go "ha, envision this one as drawn now!" Skywarp =/= hot air balloon.

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A/N: I WAS going to post chapters 28 and 29 in the same post, as they're short(-er than my normal chapters?). But ElJay say "nooo, tl:dr!" so I had to divide it in two. Bah!

‘‘Screaming Blue Murder’’, Chapter 28 )

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 12:07 am
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Does it matter what you look like? (art and ficlet) )

I've stared at this WAY too long, all the errors have blended into one invisible mush. So yeah, whatever. They're supposed to be looking into a mirror, but I know, it just looks arse. Oh well!

Boinga! I go bed now. *zzz*

NaNoWriMo soon! :D :D :D
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A/N: OMG, shock coming. Or not! ;)

''Screaming Blue Murder'', Chapter 25 )

A/N: Liek, OMG, shock shock etc!
…All right, you can all get to telling me I made it too obvious, now. :)
I think I need to art more for this. *nods to self* Ideas?


Wednesday, 6 August 2008 04:15 pm
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OMFG it's OVER 9000 )

*exudes feelings of warmth and love and fluffiness*
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OMG SCREAMING BLUE SPOILERS! Robosnugglings (Arts under cut) )

I wonder who here remembers Hak? ;) He's had a bit of a refit (and an extra letter) - thus, I present Hack, the riot policebot. ;) Yeah, it's just a nickname, like "Sepp", but eh. They're both gentle giants, at heart. Hak's nickname was "Tank", ergo, the tank gets the nickname "Hack". :) Fair play, I figure.
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''Screaming Blue Murder'', Chapter 19 )

Annnnddd... up to date! Hurrah.

Now, to fight chapter 20. Cali is trying to get in on the act with the weird, bastard-twisted "fluff" scene. *hrms*

How did this thing ever get so LOOOONG? I'm wondering if I've dropped enough/too-many hints as to who the Boss is, because I think we're getting up to the point of the big reveal omg.

Whee. Now, to blow up a science lab. Or maybe I'll play with "wordle" first.

Edit: *kills the random o0-s that slipped in, there*
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Been a bit delinquent with my posting, sorry. :\ It's always up to date on, but doing the hutmuls for ElJay takes a while. Maybe I shouldn't use so many ital- nah. We like italics, yess. *nods*

''Screaming Blue Murder'', Chapter 18 )
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Words words words...

There’s so many things I ought to be doing right now (like being evil and keeping people guessing by not posting), but as I have been doomed to suffer a cold I’m gonna stick with the writing, for now. ;) Well, that or play endless “Spider Solitaire”.

This story has wormed its way far enough into my subconscious that I’m dreaming about it as well, now. Bah. This chapter goes a bit faster than I liked, but I don't think my brain is capable of making improvements right now. It's crashed, like an NHS computer trying to run Lorenzo.

Okay I shut up now.

''Screaming Blue Murder'', Chapter 17 )

Of course, as ever, still happy to accept suggestions... ;) I still have quiiite a way to go with this, and I'm more than happy to attempt to add things... within reason. ¬_¬

Edit: auuuuuuuuuugh million goddamn billy-fecks outside my flat OUTSIDE MY FLAT *flail* Go away go away giant f'cking flying-walnut insects go AWAY.

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