Wednesday, 17 April 2013 02:02 pm
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Way back when I started thinking about the plot for this, I’d decided that the antagonists would be ‘reptilian’, and I didn’t want yet-another-biped, but the more I scribbled the more they started to look like dragons.* So I sat down and started designing things last night, to see if I could take my large hexapod reptile with bad breath a little further away from dragons, and for now, may I present:

Farting Notdragons )

I HAD set my Dreamwidth up to automatically crosspost to LJ, but it didn't seem to want to this time. I'm not sure if it's a change that's been made since the latest LJ release, or DW just couldn't connect? Will have to investigate.

Kind of want my scrolling "subject entry" box back on LJ, too. *sad* This tiny floating menu that I never use is really annoying, and everything takes sooo loong to load.

More pictures!

Sunday, 15 April 2012 01:55 pm
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First, artiness.
Halli Halli
A sort of sketchy, "working doodle" of Halli. I'm still trying to pin down the species' final look; they're even LESS birdy than they used to be. She's descended from a flightless alien bird, for want of a better description.

She's of the "sanuki" race, which means she's fairly strikingly coloured - primarily reddish/russet in skin-tone, with paler areas around her eyes and on her cheeks, dark lips and a dark stripe up her nose and over her head.

Aron, the little male/"drae", is clavare; he's a lot paler, with darker eyestripe. (He reminds me a little of a badger. :P)

And some more pictures of "my wildlife".
Great tits Great tits
As in, the bird. And all right, OK, it's 3 shots of the same bird - but that foils my desire to make puns.
Hop-along Hop-along
You can't tell from this photograph, but this adorable little ball of fluff only has one leg.

When I first saw it, one leg was dangling pathetically behind it, and it looked like a huge effort to perch on anything because the leg would catch on things. The leg looks like it's possibly dropped off altogether, now. :( It doesn't even look like it's tucked up in its fluff, just... gone. Everything is still a huge wing-flapping effort, though. I suppose it must be really hard to balance.
Hop-along Hop-along
My one-legged robin lunging for a crumb that's fallen down off the fat-ball holder. I put out a whole dish of food (you can see it in my pigeon photos), but apparently the fat-balls are better.
Hop-along Hop-along
"What'choo looking at, anyway? Stop taking photos, person."
Hop-along Hop-along
Action shot! A fluttering lunge for another morsel. Seriously, this poor little bird goes to such a huge effort to feed itself; it must be exhausting.

I've not actually seen him/her for a few days, so I'm a little worried. I keep putting food out - the pigeons aren't eating ALL of it - but I've not seen either "Hop-along" or its mate recently.
Hop-along's friend Hop-along's friend
They're either mates, or just... unnaturally pacifist. They don't fight when they're together at the feeder, at least.
Muted Sun Muted Sun
On one side of the flat, the sun was peeking out through a really heavy, black cloud.
Twinkling Rain Twinkling Rain
That feeble, clouded sun gave some beautiful twinkling rain...
Evening Rainbow Evening Rainbow
...and on the other side of the flat, a full rainbow! (Although it was so much brighter and more beautiful in real life.)

There's a pair of pudgy little dunnocks going crazy out there as I type this. We've just had another hailstorm - I think we've had... five or six in the last few days? - so they look rather windswept and buffetted around, like they have huge poofy skirts on.

Edit on 16/04/2012:
Panic over! Hop-along was back in the feed dish tonight. :) Phew!
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"Mayan" beasties!

On the left is a zochi'coatl, or "lotus born". They look lizard-like but they're actually mammals, with scaly armour like a pangolin. The crest slowly unfurls over the course of the first part of the year. like a fern. The Qii consider them to be spiritually connected to plants, because of their looks - they're hard to spot and even harder to catch, but easily tamed if caught as a griz and hand-reared.

On the right is a nut-foot (I need to think of a Qii name for them). "Nut foot" refers to their little hoofs. They're a semi-intelligent semi-domestic species - capable of a small degree of abstract thought, but not very clever. The Qii use them for a variety of purposes - guarding, hunting, and eating, mostly (although great care has to be taken on the latter, because their skin is highly poisonous.)

They're contorted into odd shapes because I was trying to fit them into a circle, so I could get them printed as stickers. XD Plus, it goes with the whole central-American theme, I suppose? I'm working on a few more, so they'll probably crop up over the next few day.


Saturday, 6 March 2010 01:11 pm
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Butterfly people! (Bigger pic under cut) )


Monday, 9 March 2009 06:10 pm
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How awesome is this creature? *woo*
Blanket Octopus (HOW COOL) (YouTube vid beneath cut) )
You might want to watch it with the sound off, the music gets a little annoying after a while (well, it annoyed ME, anyway.)
Stills: Silhouetted against the surface

And where would a reference post be without a Wikipedia entry?

I want to add octopi and stuff to the spider!kitty world. :(

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007 10:37 pm
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Sei's Pinboard Sei's Pinboard
It started out as his place to put blueprints, partly so they were all in one place and partly so his friends/employers/whoever could peruse them, but I think he got a little sidetracked. The curly squiggles are Kiravai handwriting, and down the very lefthand side under the stick-Mirii going "hurrah!" with a conical flask is Sei going REALLY sidetracked and writing poetry. (Well, trying to. I'm debating ACTUALLY trying to write it as a bit of poetry from him.)

Tsu and her pet And this is Tsu and her pet.
Tsu is one of the "People of the Gleaming Lily" (read: NOT one of the "People of the Stone Mountain", aka the "Aztecs"), and is Mirii's friend, after realising the tall female is lost and needs help. The thing hasn't got a name yet, it's just big and lumpy. LUMPY. (Edit: Oops, messed up my hutmuls)

EATER (om-nom-nom)

Friday, 31 August 2007 07:18 pm
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Eater. It eats. Hurrah. Almost cute, for a giant slavering beast that'll eat anything that looks even remotely like food, living, dead or in-between. Provided it'll go down that massive gullet, it'll give it a damn good try.

Click for the full image.

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Monday, 18 June 2007 07:17 am
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S'funny how much stuff I get done with no internets. *ponders* Went home to my parents for a day, and just sitting there in the garden with my drawing pad on my lap I got a load of drawings started.

Keaalu drew birdies. (Real ones, for once! Well, some. Kinda.) )

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Thursday, 18 January 2007 07:57 pm
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They're based very very loosely off a real species, but I'll let you all guess what. And her ear in the top right is missing on purpose. I don't know WHAT purpose, but it's all on purpose, honest. Note: yes, they ARE sentient aviforms.

Species info under here )


Friday, 11 August 2006 04:15 pm
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Just a quicklet! Art under cut )

Done! *runs off to work*

Teabreak edit: Planning on putting a kind of "materials tutorial" up on my site - as in, the sort of "which are good materials to buy", the pros and cons of the various media, markers, pencils etc type thing. Would anyone find that vaguely useful? As I have plenty of the various materials AT home, I could probably get some kind of halfway useful comparison of the types up, especially since when *I* started using markers, *I* didn't realise how much they were apt to bleed, so it stands to reason not everyone ELSE will either. (Actually, I'm going to write the "tutorial" anyway, I just wondered if anyone would have anything in particular they'd want to see.) Although in my OMG MAKE ROOM FOR ART mega box-buying session the other day I realised just how MANY different materials I had - 4 brands of markers (Prismacolours, extortionately imported from the USA, and a few each of Trias, Promarkers (read: cheap Trias) and Copics), PITT india ink pens, ZIG double-ended brushpens, lePlume II pens, wax pencils (various brands), watercolour pencils, ink pencils, watersoluble graphite pencils, drawing inks, ink-pads, watercolours, acrylics, gouache, and beads. And that's probably not all of it. See why I have nowhere to work, now? :P Keaalu = magpie.


Tuesday, 18 July 2006 09:38 am
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'Nother NEW species - called it a "Chemuei" ("kem-oo-ay"). :) This one is a biped marsupial native to Ondra - looks sort of like a cross between a kangaroo (although more "upright", if that makes sense) and a seahorse. Eats fruit, fish, anything either soft or possible to swallow whole (as it only has very tiny teeth). Both females AND males have a brood pouch - they share parenting duties and each nurse one or two young - and the young ride on the parent's back once out of the pouch but still little. They form strong pair bonds and loose "flocks" in the winter, and are nomadic like a lot of birds. They're brightly coloured (males tend to be greenish with spots of brighter colours, females a drabber green but with a few bright spots), but they're highly toxic and their skin is armoured so there's no need to be disguised. Males grow fleshy "display spines" in the mating season (although 90% invariably pair up with their partner from last year), which wither and drop back off once they're nursing.

It am cute. :) (I would say "be interested to see other people's interpretations before I get my own version uploaded" but myeh, that's never going to happen. :P)


Saturday, 13 May 2006 09:42 pm
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Just some little Dauntless-related doodlings. I badly need to get my site back up and running properly, though, as all my Dauntlessy things are scattered over the web all scattery-like. Which saddens me. :( ANYWAY.

Artses. Cut to save space )

Edit: On a completely unrelated note, I feel... disheartened. :( Obviously my art/writing is just boring to 99.99(recurring)% of people (i.e except me). I know, I know, my fiction is very people-oriented and not much exciting ever seems to happen, but I'm getting better at it. :P But only three or four people read it, and the effort, the blood sweat and tears and hours and hours of labour I put in sometimes, hardly seem worth it. So maybe I should just give up. *collapses*

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Friday, 12 May 2006 10:03 pm
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...I have this big urge to write something with the title "Cry Havoc" (as in, "and let slip the dogs of war" (or whatever it is)) - I think mostly because my "play all" gradually came round to some of the classical pieces I have on my PC, namely "Overture for Light Cavalry" (and it seems very fittingly Kiravai - military pomp and circumstance, with those big three tonne guns (or however heavy they are) and the teams of horses like they used to have on the Royal Military Tattoo, before the Governemt stopped doing it) AND "Mars, Bringer of War" which is just SO fitting for the militaristic avians. Let's face it, that'd be very Star Wars-ish in scope, the low, building music as a vast black sleek spaceship drift onto screen, and the crew of the smaller ship all go all hushed and just... watch. Oh, and of course, Strauss' "Thunder and Lightning Polka" makes an oddly fitting cavalry piece. :P

Work has been all BLUH again - I've been almost an hour late off work TWICE this week doing unpaid overtime, and it's DOING my NUT IN. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't because the wards sit on discharge prescriptions half the time and only think to send them down when OH HAY WE'RE CLOSED THEN. *grr* *sleeps*

Finally got my certificate course homework handed in so I can get back to business of webdesign and stuffs. Had a little think of some more species:
"Mophia" is now the name of the FAMILY, like as in rodent or ungulate, not just a single species any more. As I fiddled with the look of them I decided that some should be fliers and others just climbers/fishers. So the kingfisher one that lives by rivers and catches fish behaves a little more like an otter, and the forest-dwelling one (modelled more on a "paradise-kingfisher", as they're gorgeous little birds) is the flier.
Unseria is a sparsely populated world in the grip of an ice age; there's been a recent (well, half a million years ago or thereabouts) mass-extinction so life is only just recovering, but the world is covered in massive polar icecaps, glaciers, taiga and tundra, and frigid polar deserts. There's a narrow band of temperate woodland near the equator, where most life is found; the Unser themselves live in the ice-forests, bordering on the taiga itself.
I have most of the entire Ondra ecosystem down, too - crustacean fish (LACE CRAB, OH BOY), fish amphibians, mammal-birds and so on. :P Of course I need to DRAW most of it, but meh, I can do that when I've got the basics down.
The one that's causing me the most problems is the Xniki, as I've completely redesigned them; I was taking inspiration from early whales and bonnethead sharks, and nothing was really coalescing on paper how I saw it in my mind's eye, so meh, must work harder. (PS Xniki is pronounced to rhyme with "sneaky" - not because they are, just because it does. Like "zz-nick-key" but faster, "zniki")

Now all I need to do is rustle up some more readers, and all will be good. *le sigh* *collapses*

Edit: Speling gud iz gud karmer. But eye kan nod speel tonite. Sawrie.
Edit2: also looking for pictures of those dancers on "Maybe" by Emma B - for some reason it completely reminds me of Ivy. *headscratch* And I think she'd suit the quasi-robotic "op art mod gear" 1960s stylee kinda thing. Maybe I'll have a go at drawing something - although all I can find are silhouettes, and I've got THEM on the album cover. BAH.
Edit3: Found a "streaming" video, but I can't stream well as I'm on good old dialup. ARGH.
Edit4: ...It's on the single. Which I have. *facepalm* STUPID.


Thursday, 29 December 2005 11:06 pm
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New userpics, just... because. Yay!

They're DuSkai because frankly, a creature that can change its skin colour at will is COOL. Plus, anything cuttlefishy is good in my books.

I have some more in the works, but I'm not finishing and uploading them until I can be bothered with getting a paid account. ;)

AND! *edits*
DuSkai - one of my favourites among my species. Partly because they're descended from cuttlefish (liek, YAY), partly because they change colour, and partly because they're cute. :) They started out as supposed to be irredeemably bad, sinister slimy things, but the more I used them the nicer they became, until they ended up as a very honest, down-to-earth and rather pragmatic species; having an empathic link to your fellows means there's not much point to lying, especially if your skin blushes funny colours when you do it.


Friday, 2 December 2005 09:06 pm
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     JEE-sus, a few days offline and I have 100 messages in my devWatch thinger, including about 60 images/stuff. *geh* Mind you, about 30 of them are from “The OddworldClub”, so they probably don’t count.

Anyway, I have a BIG bit of updateage, with real-life stuffs and arty stuffs and fictional stuffs, so I’ll bung it all behind a cut so I don’t go and gum up people’s friends-pages.

Exciting Lifestuffs! And Arts, yayness. )


Tuesday, 13 September 2005 07:24 pm
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Police helicopter flying about tonight. Argh. They're determined to just disturb my "off-time", aren't they?

Some incredible infighting going on in furryland. One beginner artist copied/referenced a pose (depending on who you're talking to) OMG LIEK WITHOUG GIVING CREDIT and and it's all blown up into this monster spat. Sure, original artist should have cited her references (I mean, if I'd not done that in a science paper, I'd have been docked serious marks), but chrissake leave it ALONE now.

Been working a bit on my species - trying to work out how to "recreate" a species from my fiction that was heavily influenced by a pre-existing fictional one without losing everything that makes it what it is. I'm thinking of going more heavily on the cephalopod side and take more cues from earthly species, like elephants and weasels and OMG SQUID. Yay.

Reading up about bird anatomy again and found a nifty little idea to help explain why Ve-hei'ya is so hard to write and impossible for non-aves to speak - birds don't have vocal cords but a syrinx. A syrinx can produce two tones simultaneously, so Kiravai speech (which is essentially highly structured birdsong) is a mixture of harmonies as well as "words". Since the mammalian vocal cords of most Coalition species can't produce this dual-harmony, the Kiravai are happy to consider their "neighbours" to be idiots and a lower social order. While we're on the subject of referencing sources, mine's here. It also means I can write about a Kiravai singing a duet with itself. Ha!

...and I still haven't got my laundry done. :( I got up specially this morning, and some twattish little kids had emptied an entire box of Persil between the washing machines in the on-site laundrette. I wasn't going to spend £2 just to sluice all the soap out of the machines (they won't work unless you put money in - I could have begged some off the office, but it wasn't open at 6am when I went to do my laundry), so I gave up. I'm going to try again tomorrow. *grr*

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