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Title (chapter): Remember Me (07)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: In which Ramjet finds himself having second thoughts, and Skywarp's plan is discovered by his wingmates. Things... probably could have gone better, all around.

You guys do know how stupid you look, threatening each other with bits of a broken mop, right?

(And I can’t believe the last chapter I uploaded of this was in January. So sorry guys. This should also have been published the same time as all the rest at lunchtime, but Dreamwidth wasn't loading on my PC. Better late than never!)

Whichever way you sliced it, watching over sparklings sucked almighty slag. Ramjet half-suspected this was a punishment of some sort, perhaps for not being proactive enough? Or for some perceived infraction by his trine, so THANKS to you two obnoxious afts for getting him punished for something he wasn’t even involved in. )

Happy? Anniversary!

Thursday, 24 May 2018 08:22 am
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Title: Happy? Anniversary!
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Notes: Happy 10th Birthday, Blue Universe!

Warp and Pulse swap notes on how long they've been together and managed to not kill each other (intentionally or otherwise). So, Starscream still lives with a bunch of obnoxious glitches. (No sympathy. He brings it on himself.)

OK technically this is a month late, I started posting Screaming Blue in April 2008. But still, 10 years! *throws confetti*

Other links out: [link to AO3] [link to] [Link to tumblr] [Link to devART]

After a day spent locked in battle with THE most wilfully obtuse bunch of self-serving councillors on his side of the planet – and coming within a wing-width of FEEDING Waveguide all his carefully-drafted budget assessments – Starscream had been looking forwards to a quiet night to himself. )
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Look at this! OMG. 😍

My awesome friend Exie (who is totally NOT a brick) wrote a ficlet that follows on from the one I just posted, with the exception that hers is infinitely more adorable.

Late Nights and Early Mornings

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Transformers - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Thundercracker (Transformers), Starscream (Transformers), Skywarp (Transformers), Skyfire (Transformers), Original Cybertronian Character(s)
Summary: Celerity finds out TC has a hobby, and that his family is loud (but that wasn’t news to anyone).

Drug Dealing

Monday, 5 March 2018 12:17 pm
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Title: Remember Me (06)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Although she appreciates the determination certain people have to cure her illness, Forceps wishes it didn’t leave her feeling like Starscream’s science project.

Reminder: Sepp has a type of motor imperfecta, or improper formation of motor control pathways. Symptom-wise it’s like Parkinson’s; origin-wise it’s more like a prion disease, which is why it’s so hard to find a cure for. But then some machines have a dogged tendency to treat definitions like “incurable” as a personal challenge.

Hardline hadn’t even been gone for a whole breem when the door to Forceps’ home ~clicked~ and admitted a familiar set of red wings. Forceps set her journal down on the table, and watched her uninvited guest approach. ''How long have you been lurking out there, waiting for Hack to leave?'' )
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Title (chapter): Remember Me (06)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Muuuch later than I wanted, but it's better late than never, right?

In which Skywarp comes up with a plan to rescue the kids! It’s a terrible plan, but it’s better than no plan at all – right, Screamer? He probably ought to have run it past his bros before swinging straight into carrying it out, though.

Slipstream had already lost track of the number of times he’d been sent sprawling, when his captors finally hustled him into a cell and kicked his feet out from under him again. )

All Begins with "P"

Saturday, 13 January 2018 11:41 am
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...plagiarism, passive-aggressive, petty, pranks, and paint!

Skywarp doesn't have a whole lot of good ideas, but when Starscream SOMEONE steals the few he does have? Well.

Prepare for war, dudes.

Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Notes: This year hasn't started out fantastic, from a creative point of view, which is what gave birth to this little short. Trying to get it out of my system, haha. A vindictive Skywarp and exploding paintcans was the easy part; it was difficult to figure out how to start it, though, so I'm sorry it's a little rushed / untidy. I am apparently the queen of passive-aggressive. (I uploaded the rough draft of this to another site the other day; never doing THAT again. I’m only sharing drafts with people I trust, from now on.)

For the record, TC is more immediately worried about getting the paint off the bathroom. Screamer will probably be sullen and embarrassed if they have to chip him out of a paint straightjacket, but he will be unbearable if he can’t use the washracks.

Read more... )
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This one's actually on time, though!

Title (chapter): Remember Me (05)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: In which certain old "friends" finally answer the phone, but didn't count on two teleports foiling their attempts at theatre.

It really shouldn’t have taken this long for their call to Earth to be answered. Starscream paced and muttered to himself the whole time. ''They’re doing this on purpose. Keeping me waiting.'' )
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Iiiii should have posted this a week and a half ago but I am terrible at remembering to post anything on here. ¬_¬

Title (chapter): Remember Me (04)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: In which Slipstream realises just how big this thing might be that he and Dash are caught up in, and Starscream finally gets back from New Vos to a hostile welcome.

The command centre on Nemesis was every bit as sickly purple and ostentatiously oversized as Slipstream remembered it. He didn’t remember ever seeing it from THIS angle, though. ''Show proper respect to your new master, scum!'' )
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Disclaimer: As ever, author neither claims nor intentionally implies ownership of the 'Transformers' brand, or any canon character or concept herein, who are copyright 1984-present Hasbro/etc and used with much love and respect to their creators.

A/N: Gosh, has it really been 2 years? I’m so sorry. (In my defence, I haven’t been concentrating on other projects, work has been busy and I pretty much haven’t written anything. Getting out of the drought is tricky!)

Chapter under cut for length. )
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Disclaimer: As ever, author neither claims nor intentionally implies ownership of the 'Transformers' brand, or any canon character or concept herein, who are copyright 1984-present Hasbro/etc and used with much love and respect to their creators.

A/N: Sorry again for the delay, haha. I just thought I’d got my groove back… and my PC decided it wasn’t going to play by the rules. (To the extent that I had to buy a whole new damn PC before I could get on with writing. Argh.)

Chapter under cut for length. (teehee, ''length'') )

(Edit: argh, autocorrect. It's councillor.)
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Can you believe it? Close to 2 years after I last posted something (seriously, it was the 7th July 2011 - I was sure it was later than that), I HAVE A NEW CHAPTER TO UPLOAD!

Title (chapter): Future Tense (chapter 10)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes, figuring out where you are involves a little more than just updating your maps. Skywarp finds himself swimming against the tide, somewhat.

Chapter under cut to save space )

(Edit: D'oh, forgot my tags.)
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Just a little newsy thing: I have finally* got my invite through for "Archive of Our Own" and begun to set things up! I'll link to it once I've worked out what the URL is, haha.

I'm going to be uploading the Blue trilogy over there, first of all, but I'll be editing them a little first - not hugely, and not really too much "plot wise", but the grammar is horrible and the start of "Screaming Blue Murder" is a little wobbly, since I wasn't too familiar with how the characters wanted to come across. (TC and Warp were somewhat surprise additions, if I'm honest. I'm glad they decided to join in, though.)

(* I requested the invite on 25/09/2012. I got the invite on 01/12/12, so it's a sliiight lie that I "just got" the invite. The sentiment is fairly unchanged, though.)

Edit: All right, I think this is the address to use. There's nothing there yet is all, haha.
Keaalu on the Archive of Our Own
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I don't really have an excuse for this. ^^ It's highly stupid and mostly cracky and fell out of my headspace when my alarm clock poked me out of some delicious REMs, one morning.
(In order to be sure I actually wake up, I have to have three alarm clocks and they all go off randomly at 5-7 minute intervals for about 30 minutes before I'm actually AWAKE. For the first few minutes of that I'm still bumbling around mostly in REM, so I end up getting some pretty vivid dreams. I just don't manage to always write them down - which is something I think I need to change, ha.)

And of course, I've dreamed about various Seekers (and their progeny) a number of times, lately. This is one such dream; the approx 1700 words of prime stupidity that floated to the surface of my brainpan this morning.

It's a bit of a spoiler, as it's set waaay into the future of the Blue AU, some time significantly AFTER the end of "Future Tense" (which I'm still working on, I promise! I just have some major plot surgery to do), when a certain are-they/aren't-they couple have FINALLY decided that yeah, they've yelled at each other for long enough, and they've enjoyed interacting/playing mad scientist enought to want to get back together. (Because we all know they will, eventually, even if it does take TC banging their heads together to knock a little bit of sense back in?)

The reason for the little sojourn to Earth is probably just so that el Screaming one can upset the delicate inner balance of the Ark, but didn't count on his own inner balance being the one affected. Thousands of years of relative peace do not negate the desire certain Twins have when it comes to pranking certain jets.

I accept no responsibility for the breaking of brains. Read at Own Risk.

Hello, Chicken )

(Edit: I knooow, it goes very OOC towards the end, haha. But hey, it was a dream, I can't help it if my subconscious does weird things.)
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Title (chapter): Future Tense (09)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Ugh. Sorry this one's taken sooo looong. (I seem to say that every time, but this time it's particularly true. 7 months, erp.) I've had another couple of stories on the go at the same time, and ended up getting writer's block on them all. I still haven't QUITE got over it, but egh. This is mostly another talky non-chapter – I'm having issues with my plot. XD There's some gremlins got in here and caused some odd formatting since I uploaded it - random numbers have popped up in the middle of some words - I think I caught it all, but it's getting late, so if I missed any, I apologise.

‘‘Future Tense’’, Chapter Nine )
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Title (chapter): Future Tense (08)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Haha wtf, HOW long did you say between updates? Sorry I've been soooo slooow. This WOULD have been up a lot sooner, but Skywarp was misbehaving, then NaNoWriMo got in the way.

To answer the few questions I've had directed at me: no, I am not refitting the characters so they look like those strange, bendy-looking designs from the newer "Animated" series. (To be perfectly honest, that people might think that hadn't even occurred to me, so I apologise to those people who were getting worried – or vice versa.) Starscream (rightly or wrongly) pointed out that you can't bitch about the energy crisis, but still continue on the exact same way you have been down the millennia. In my mind's eye. I "see" something more like a tetrajet, just with bilateral (not trilateral) symmetry, so sort of "flatter", and with broader wings. Root mode is essentially G1, just slightly "lighter"/less bulky.

Edit: Thanks to skywarped for spotting my timeline flubs. XD I hope it reads a little less confusingly now. :)

‘‘Future Tense’’, Chapter Eight )
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Title (chapter): Future Tense (07)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Whoa, two updates in under a month? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WOMAN.

‘‘Future Tense’’, Chapter Seven )
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A/N: Bluugh, once these two got to talking, they just wouldn't shut up. :dies:

...*resists urge to make a pun based on this being chapter sex six* (BESIDES, IT WOULD BE A LIE :P)

Future Tense - Chapter Six )
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Sorry this one's taken so long. :dies: I had lots of notes, it was just pulling them all together that was difficult. X) (Plus, getting in practice for the sponsored cycle ride I'm doing was wearing me out.)

...I guess I should stop making excuses and just post the thing. Another talky one, sorry!

Future Tense - Chapter Five! (at friggin last) )

Future Tense, ch 4

Monday, 21 June 2010 07:07 pm
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I WOULD have uploaded this at lunchtime, but typically, the "my stories" tab is the ONLY tab that doesn't work in my browser here. *GRR* I get javascript errors. Annoyingly I can see the links in the page source, just... not in any "clickable" form.

Future Tense - Chapter Four )

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