Tuesday, 12 July 2011 08:15 am
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As ever, click to enbiggen.

Bees! This is "Busy Bee", weilding a hammer, and "Bee-autiful", with a flower. D'aww. I'm working on "Bee-have" (police bee? haha) and "Bee mine" at the moment, but I've run out of bee-based puns, now.
They're sort of a "cute"-reworking of my Danata, just for the sake of being cute. ^^

This of course is Mirii, albeit with four arms and a scary tribal Mayan-esque look. The papyrus in the background is real, with real stitching; it originally was a sort of "lotus" design but I note it looks more like wings, right now. The image is marker and inks, digitally cut out and "pasted on". I'm probably going to re-draw the character, but keep the papyrus, as I'm not 100% satisfied with the picture - the clothing in particular, not so much the anatomy of the character.

This is technically another of my book cover attempts, hence the big title. (You'd think finishing editing the thing would be a better idea, right?) I need to strip the thing down to its bones and rebuild it, essentially. Mirii's story was mostly fluff - weird for weird's sake, I suppose? - with a lot of parts that didn't really seem to add anything to the story. I need to give Sunstone a more consistent personality, too. I might use the "record cards" type technique to edit it, it might be easier to visualise where I'm taking it.
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"Mayan" beasties!

On the left is a zochi'coatl, or "lotus born". They look lizard-like but they're actually mammals, with scaly armour like a pangolin. The crest slowly unfurls over the course of the first part of the year. like a fern. The Qii consider them to be spiritually connected to plants, because of their looks - they're hard to spot and even harder to catch, but easily tamed if caught as a griz and hand-reared.

On the right is a nut-foot (I need to think of a Qii name for them). "Nut foot" refers to their little hoofs. They're a semi-intelligent semi-domestic species - capable of a small degree of abstract thought, but not very clever. The Qii use them for a variety of purposes - guarding, hunting, and eating, mostly (although great care has to be taken on the latter, because their skin is highly poisonous.)

They're contorted into odd shapes because I was trying to fit them into a circle, so I could get them printed as stickers. XD Plus, it goes with the whole central-American theme, I suppose? I'm working on a few more, so they'll probably crop up over the next few day.


Thursday, 1 July 2010 07:12 pm
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Sun-Mark Eel
Papercutting! XD

...yes I am working a little bit on "Thunder Daughter" again. ¬_¬ I WILL FINISH IT DAMMIT

And Lim has become Suni again. I just... can't see it as a "Lim", the name Lim reminds me of something snooty and not-fluffy like Suni. I mean, Suni and Sei aren't exactly similar, and I don't have to use the shorthand "Siinu", I can use "pen" for Mirii and "umasiinu" or "companion" or "animal" or "fuzzy thing" for Suni. ^_^



NaNoWriMo 2008!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008 01:13 pm
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Snagged a journal in preparation! [ profile] 0good_as_gold0

"Good as Gold" is intended to follow on from "Thunder Daughter" ([ profile] thunderdaughter, 2007s NaNo, in the event you forgot... ;) )

Now I need to get me some BIIIIG old bits of board to put my prompt cards up on, and to try and at least sort out an IDEA of the plot... (I'm actually late starting, I got planning underway in August last year.) And that's assuming I can gently nudge SBM2/Broken (or "Warped" as I seem to have re-titled it) out of the way for the duration of November...

The plot is leaving me a little uninspired, I have to say. I sense it's no way going to be even as "good" as last year's. :( I need more random crap in it. (I'd put OMFG GIANT ROBOTS FROM OUTER SPACE in it, but that's kinda non-canon in my little universe. Oh well.)

Unrelated: I seem to have found a semi-legitimate use for polystyrene packing peanuts in my latest story. ¬_¬ I scare me. Need to sort things out so I can get a chapter written this weekend, maybe...

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Thursday, 17 January 2008 11:53 pm
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Peevish Peevish
Oops. I wonder what Bor said to him?

There'll be a better scan for later, but eh, this is good enough for now. :)

Disclaimer: No, I didn't write the quote. It's actually something Siddhartha Buddha said - although I originally thought it was Gandhi, until I re-looked it up. Still. Both appropriate theologians for little Sei, no?

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007 10:37 pm
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Sei's Pinboard Sei's Pinboard
It started out as his place to put blueprints, partly so they were all in one place and partly so his friends/employers/whoever could peruse them, but I think he got a little sidetracked. The curly squiggles are Kiravai handwriting, and down the very lefthand side under the stick-Mirii going "hurrah!" with a conical flask is Sei going REALLY sidetracked and writing poetry. (Well, trying to. I'm debating ACTUALLY trying to write it as a bit of poetry from him.)

Tsu and her pet And this is Tsu and her pet.
Tsu is one of the "People of the Gleaming Lily" (read: NOT one of the "People of the Stone Mountain", aka the "Aztecs"), and is Mirii's friend, after realising the tall female is lost and needs help. The thing hasn't got a name yet, it's just big and lumpy. LUMPY. (Edit: Oops, messed up my hutmuls)

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