"Little Phoenix Lost"

Thursday, 16 May 2013 01:56 pm
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Some old story notes - somewhat disjointed, as ever. It's mostly for my own record, in case I lose them, as I don't think I ever posted these on a public journal; these date back from the days of "Mystery Valley" or whatever that private forum was called? Anyway.

These were part of the inspiration I had for a short story I'm working on (while I try and get over my endless writer's block). I have a couple of pictures associated with this to upload later, but they're not scanned at the moment. One needs "stitching together" as well, as the character went off the page, drat.

"She"/Lii's partner doesn't have a name, at the moment - she was a character belonging to someone I used to collaborate on writing with, with whom I haven't spoken for a few years, so I've just "unnamed" her for now.

''Little Phoenix Lost'' - old ideas - Cut for length )

This goes alongside the "Mandala" idea I posted a couple of weeks ago:
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I copy/pasted this straight off my LJ, where the pics are hosted, so I might have to tweak some code when I get on lunchbreak XD

Pictures under cut! )

Edit: Haha, typical. The border that LJ refused to show on the style I use comes up just fine on here.
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Just been thinking about "Kirasiinu" and their "relatives". Pulled together some new words and new terms, finally got the ideas I've had circling for weeks down on paper.

Words, words, words. Kirasiinu, Lerisiinu, Leriisamu, Umasiinu, Umasamu... etc. Wordy and boring, but eh. )

Edit: Just a small update to the "Kirasiinu" section. Some more thoughts.

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Thursday, 5 October 2006 09:53 pm
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Ivies. Doodlage. (Image under cut) )

I was going to do one of those silly memes, but fft, I realised all my answers would be "no", "what?" or "what's one of them?"

Naiiri, profile

Wednesday, 13 September 2006 12:48 am
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Some hasty (read: 20 minutes or so. My hasty isn't THAT fast) marker work. One of these days I'll learn to use the things properly. Anyway. Can't do much more on this since I've just packed my markers, so any further work will be in PITT pens or else pencils. Yay.

Note: the filename "naiiri_prof" means profile, not professor. Even if she is. ;)

Edit: "day's"? Where'd that come from? *fixes*
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Well well well (three holes in thr ground). Look, I managed to persuade myself writing diary entries was a GOOD idea. Actually, this is more of a "can I still remember how to use the friends function?" than a proper diary entry, since dialup is slowly killing me. (Although the fact I'm online less because of it has to be a good thing for my bank balance.) Anyway. Yes. Chasing favourites was all well and good when I was still on the Uni LAN, but being relegated to dialup means you have to start making sacrifices, you know...? Like, not having nineteen windows open at once all downloading pages from all over the web when you're only on 35.8Kbps because you've hit rush-hour and BT is at a crawl. And like not wasting money waiting for a page to open only to find out the PC is playing about with network settings and doesn't want to load it at all really.

...so here I go, making a friends list. I always felt that was a bit of a misnomer, calling it a "Friends" list, seeing as a lot of people I don't know personally and never will, and seeing as a lot of people I've only ever exchanged one or two words with via email about something utterly inconsequential, but hey. I like to keep up to speed with what's going on in certain sectors of the OL art world, and this will be my way of doing it. Hurrah. :)

Besides, I like to see hows and whys behind a certain picture or a certain subject - maybe it's my fox being nosey, I don't know - and it's nice to see that a number of other artists seem to share the same sort of love of species development that I do, although I doubt very much whether they're half as anally-retentive about it as I am (my brain feels happy when it's in "biologist" mode, and if things don't look/read exactly "right" to me then I'll remake or rewrite them until they do, stopping off at a dozen textbooks on the way to see if I got it right.)

Speaking of creature design (yes, I'm not rambling about "friends" lists any more) I've been doing some more work on the Kiravai in my spare time (well, mostly when I was skiving in the library, so they're mostly biro sketches. If I can clean them up and get rid of the lines on the page I'll upload them). Some pics, though... links go off to DevART.

Linnet, a little Kiravai. Drawing this amused me, for some reason. Anyway. She might only be a toddler but she's already starting to develop Kiravai tendencies, like fancy clothes and earrings...

Shalyavei dignitary. She's a character in a story I'm sort of halfheartedly working on - called "Displaced", if you look hard enough online you'll find out what it's about; it's a crossover between series, anyway. She's only on the scene because she's needed by the "good guys" - I mean, if you want to out-tech a Kiravai, you need a Kiravai to do it.
I'm actually quite looking forwards to colouring this one - lately I've been getting really lazy with my art, and if it's not done in black biro (which I usually manage to at least ATTEMPT to shade) I get bored before I finish it.

I have some more things I'm planning on working on, but as yet no inclination to do so - Kiravai military, and some weaponry designs. It's hard describing a weapon in a story if you yourself don't have a clear idea what it looks like. :P I need to design a plasma-percussion rifle, at very least, since that's sorta pivotal to "Displacement."

And I'm getting back into Sev-life, which is good. The first forum I ever joined, and I've negected it a bit since, but now I'm back, muahaha, and it's still mad. Hurrah. :)

Edit: It usually helps to actually link to where you want links to go, doesn't it?

Edit, part the second.
I KEEP forgetting to upload these things. WAAY back in the mists of time (aka a few weeks ago) I was on a week-long training course, with all my fellow pre-regs from the eastern region, and naturally not a HUGE lot of work got done in between listening to the tutors ramble on, and drawing so my brain didn't go to sleep. :P (Seriously, if I don't at least scribble in the margins, my brain is lulled by the drone of voices and goes to sleep, and then I follow suit. It's embarassing.) And finally I remember to upload them. Yay.

This is just a "collage" of a sort of all the randome drawings that spouted forth from my pen. The Kiravai on the bottom right is Magpie (or just "Mags"), Dauntless' computer's personification, and that's a sort-of robot dog in the corner above her. The real magpie started out as a markings-plan but then the one I was watching flew off, so I gave up.


Since "Emily Manning" was my newest character, at that point, naturally I wanted to work some more on her. So here she is. The one in the bottom left is the most-correct portrait, since on the one on the right (the first effort) the ear is too big and the eye too small. Blagh. The rest of the ears are experimental - trying to get a "saluki-esque" ear without it being floppy.

The others... Well, come on. You shouldn't give me markers if you don't want me to doodle with them. :P

Edit 3:
Well, I managed to cobble my halfway-presentable Kiravai doodlings onto one page, so here they are. I'm still not sure if I like the eyes, though - I wanted them to be slightly rounder and "birdier" but not TOO un-human, and I'm not sure if I like these better than the old style.

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