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Dear Abbi Scott,

You have entered my gmail address as your own on the "New Georgia Public Library" system, so I'm getting all your emails about your books that are due back in.*

While some of your books sound interesting, they're not quite my reading level. ("The little engine that could, by Piper, Watty" sounds like it'd probably be up my street, if I were still four years old. "Clarabella's teeth" sounds a little too vampiriffic for my tastes though)

So I'd appreciate my email being removed from your record. I'm sure you'd appreciate being reminded your books are overdue, too, before you get fined. Unfortunately, all I can do is email your librarian and request they take my email off your record, as I have no idea who you are.

Best regards,

Another Abi Scott, in a completely different country, with none of your books.

(*OK, slight hyperbole, but over the course of a couple of years, I've had more than one of these emails. Some poor librarian is probably getting yelled at because "You didn't send me a reminder, how dare you f'ing fine me!")
keaalu: (Default), I've taken a break from fighting with my picture to go on my Christmas Cards - I've spent several hours on it already and I'm STILL no further than the pencils, argh >_< - and while browsing LJ, I see someone post "WHY ARE YOU GUYS STILL HERE, YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THE SKYDIVE!"

:O Noes! Have I missed it? They posted an hour ago! I sprint off to the official webpage, and what do I see?

NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo )

...thank goodness for BBC News 24. ¬_¬
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HAHAHA I haven't just totally spent all evening going OMG CHRISTMAS CARDS instead of working on my NaNo, nope nope nope! *HALO*

I know - I always leave it until the last minute. BUT STILL. I HAVE A WEEK OF ANNUAL LEAVE LEFT, I CAN NAIL THIS!

...anyone want one? :) *needs to know if she needs to order more than 10 this year XD*

(I'll ask people for addresses later, once I've, I don't know, MADE THE CARDS, I suppose? You don't need to put addresses in this post - just a "yay" or a "nay". ^_^)

Sparkling Name Issues

Wednesday, 8 July 2009 08:25 am
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Just me being a boring, whiney Ranty McRantsworth. Names and things are irking me. And yes, YOU KNOW why... )

So... I guess it all boils down to "I'm throwing my toys out of the pram because the powers that be have decided to name a popular character by a very common, well-known word that I just happen to have used to name an older OC of mine, and I'm just a stroppy, opinionated, retarded fan with an overblown opinion of her writing, and it's not really a big deal anyway because it's not like they're going to CHANGE it, but I wanted to rant about it! So I have!"

*rar rar boring stressy noises*

Edit: Wow, that turned out longer than I thought it would.

(no subject)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009 06:14 pm
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WUARGH I f'ing HATE Ipswich f'ing Buses. ARGH. Tonight, the 17:07 went at, OH GUESS WHAT, 17:00. This is getting beyond a f'ing joke. Even if I get out at 5pm ON THE DOT I STILL get to watch the freaking bus drive off EARLY. And complaining to them doesn't do a f'ing spot of difference.

I'm such an assing snarky cow some days. WHY DO BUSES BRING OUT THE WORST IN MEEEE.

"Dear sir,
Has the number 6 service from the hospital changed again? I understand some times have been changed in the morning, but for the past few weeks the 17:07 service seems to have been going at 17:00.
If the times haven't changed, it'd be appreciated if the drivers could actually attempt to stick to the timetable. I can handle them being late, but regularly waiting nearly an hour because one driver's gone 10 minutes early and the next driver's 10 minutes late is getting tiresome.


Monday, 13 April 2009 02:54 pm
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Why am I STILL getting IMPORTANT-LOOKING POST FROM THE GOVERNMENT for the woman who lived here before I did? She MOVED OUT IN 2007 - yeah, that's 2 years ago! And I'm STILL getting her DVLA "our records show your car tax is about to run out" crap. Does this mean MY address is associated with HER driving licence? Or does it mean she just didn't bother notifying anyone she moved? Or does she not even own the car any more? Argh.

This is seriously getting beyond a joke. I could understand it being a government feckup, but I'm still getting things addressed to them from what looks like the Halifax building society, too, so I reckon it's (for once) not the bureaucrats' fault. I'm tired of having to keep putting things back in the post "moved, address unknown, return to sender". I still get all their "Early Learning Centre" and "Tesco Baby Club" nonsense as well. I'm going to start shredding it, soon.

They didn't set up a mail redirect when they moved out, which is most annoying. If they had, maybe that'd have solved a few problems, because I actually got a couple of BENEFITS letters for them that I had to put back in the post. >:( And the Post Office website says: "We can also be required by law to pass on your redirection details to the Benefit Agency or Local Authority." THE POST OFFICE WOULD HAVE PROBABLY FRIGGING DONE IT FOR THEM. AUUUGH.

I think they actually expected me to take their post in to Jonathan Waters (the Estate Agents) and have JW forward it to them - like the estate agents haven't got anything better to do, like, I don't know, TRY AND SELL HOUSES. Yes, I can understand them not wanting the buyer having their address - Mum and Dad gave their address to the people that bought their old house, and they pestered them like crazy for ages. ("How do we turn the light in the garden on", "where's the pipes for the washing machine", etc. I'd have been all JUST LOOK AROUND THE KITCHEN AND TRY THE SWITCHES, DOOFUSES.) But then, Mum and Dad ALSO set up a redirect.

There's not much else I can do, though, except write "Moved 2007, return to sender" on stuff and (MOODILY, RESENTFLLY) put them back in the post.


Gonna go SULKILY work on the NaNoBoard now. And doodle up some ideas. *HUFFS*
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They've just implemented some stupid shitty "search suggestions" thing, so when I want to go back and re-run an old search, all I get is their stupid suggestions of what they THINK I might be wanting to look for. And that's AFTER I've supposedly "disabled" it in the preferences screen.

ARGH. I guess it's back to AltaVista.

Ayanarambirg = me?

Wednesday, 4 March 2009 10:17 pm
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As I was leaving work today, the sun was in just the exact right spot and it was raining just hard enough to make a full arch rainbow. :D It was awesome. And really short lived - I went "ooh rainbow! crap, rain" and went back to shelter, and when I looked back it had gone.

In other news, some doofus is trying to make a YouTube account with my email address. So far I've had two emails - a "welcome to Youtube" on the 28th, and a "please confirm your email" about half an hour ago. It's not a big deal - they can't upload videos, or leave comments, and the "Welcome" email said their account would remain inactive, so they can't do too much harm, I figure. If I get any more emails, maybe I'll gripe at YouTube about it, but for now I'll just wait and see if "ayanarambirg" goes "oh yeah maybe it would have helped to use my own email" and stops. (Their profile says they're 18, but I'm suspicious if they can't even work out to use THEIR OWN email.)

Although it would HELP if there were a way of contacting YouTube that DIDN'T involve needing to have a stupid account.

Stupid Telesales

Thursday, 19 February 2009 06:39 pm
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Now, I will be first to say I don't get a LOT of telesales calls. Every now and then I'll get in from work and there'll be a message flashing on my answer machine, uuusually it's one of those stupid pre-recorded "Did you know you can be DEBT FREE!" crap that gets deleted before she's even said more than "HI THERE-!"

Today I got in with FOUR messages flashing, and each time they basically went "hello? Hello? Can I speak to A Scott?" and then hung up. NOW. I do not call numbers back if I don't know who they are, and if they're legitimate/professional? They'd leave a number. PARTICULARLY since my answer machine says "THERE IS NO ONE HERE TO TAKE YOUR CALL please leave a message".

Sooo... I 1471'ed it and got 08003 896818. I always Google numbers I don't recognise, now. ;) And I'm glad I did, because apparently it's a well-known nuisance "telesales" company called "The Listening Company" Although what they actually ask seems strange, irrelevant, and they're supposedly rude as well. :P So... noooo I don't think I'll be calling you back.

Lion King

Thursday, 12 July 2007 12:34 am
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This is not directed at anyone I know. And no, I have nothing against people who draw in a Lion King style - it's popular for a reason, right?

It's mostly just... well, you know people are getting towards the bottom of the geek heirarchy (you know the one - at the bottom is the furry who writes Star Trek porn with all the characters turned into furry characters of some sort) when you find yourself having to defend the position that "lionising" a character is a fairly UNimaginitive exercise.

HEY ALL, here's a novel idea! How about, I don't know, get out of your rut and draw Snape AS Snape? (I hasten to add I have ZERO interest in Hairy Plopper, aside from a vague interest in the films - read: I'll watch them if they're there - but I've seen a whole shiteload of "Snape Lions" recently. Or "Cloud lions". Or "Sephiroth lions". Or Yugioh lions. Or OH GOD HELP ME BEFORE I GO KILL SOMEONE.)

As in, how about NOT draw some bastard mutant hellish lovechild between Snape and Simba, and how about instead GET OUT OF YOUR RUT and draw something that's NOT A LION KING LION? It's NOT EXACTLY IMAGINITIVE - it's like all those other million billion Sonic recolours, just slapping straight hair/mane and a moody face onto a pale coloured lion and going "OMFG SNAPE AS A LION YAY I'M SO IMAGINITIVE NO STEALING MY COPRYRITED IDEA OMFG".

And here's another idea - how about try growing your own style, rather than ape something Disney designed? Disney is formulaic FOR A REASON, because it's fairly EASY FOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE TO REPLICATE. Drawing your favourite character "as a lion" is NOT imaginitive, people.

There, rant over!

Now I'm'a gonna draw all my characters as Disney lions. *skips* I'll call Ivy "Parsley*" instead, whee. *skip*

(I jest, I jest! Heaven forbid. I tried drawing "Disney foxes" once, to see what reaction it got, and egads it was a painful experience.
* - that was a vague exercise in humour, but before anyone complains about not getting it, here.)

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