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Title (chapter): Remember Me (08)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: In which we discover that Earth-bound Autobots are watching completely the wrong things, and if/when her family get her back, Skydash is going to have a very interesting vocabulary.

Yes, I am still working on this! Slowly slowly slowly. A combination of work and study is eating most of my writing-energy these days. *goes back to sleep*

In Nemesis’ monitoring room, it had been quiet for a while. Ramjet wasn’t entirely sure what that meant. He wondered for an instant if the brat had actually died? Or vanished somehow – wouldn’t be the first sparkling with the annoying ability to walk through walls, after all. In the bottom of the bucket, Skydash was cuddled down into a ball, hugging her knees. Still alive, fortunately. )
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Title (chapter): Remember Me (07)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: In which Ramjet finds himself having second thoughts, and Skywarp's plan is discovered by his wingmates. Things... probably could have gone better, all around.

You guys do know how stupid you look, threatening each other with bits of a broken mop, right?

(And I can’t believe the last chapter I uploaded of this was in January. So sorry guys. This should also have been published the same time as all the rest at lunchtime, but Dreamwidth wasn't loading on my PC. Better late than never!)

Whichever way you sliced it, watching over sparklings sucked almighty slag. Ramjet half-suspected this was a punishment of some sort, perhaps for not being proactive enough? Or for some perceived infraction by his trine, so THANKS to you two obnoxious afts for getting him punished for something he wasn’t even involved in. )


Sunday, 15 March 2009 11:37 pm
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Nebula! (Art under cut) )

Aaaaand a rambley cross-post off my devART journal. I prefer my ElJay for stupid crap. *nods*

    SO! Okay, so this had a point to it when I started to write it, but when I read back over it I realised the point had gone walkies. So… go fig. Anyway. I’m not feeling ranty or angry or anything, just… thoughtful.

    Aaaanyway! I was taking a break from writing last night – “lol, don’t you mean the writing WAS the break among all the endless web-browsing?” – and came across a pic that made me think. I forget where it was, precisely, or who the characters were (I think they were OCs?), and it was well-drawn and kinda cute and everything, but… my brain went “…buh?” and just kinda twisted in on itself:
    Daddy transformer was putting a nappy/diaper onto his little girl transformer, and then in the second picture Mummy was breast-feeding it.
    OK, I know, Transformers are “ridiculously human robots” in the first place. They talk like people, socialise like people, fight like people, refuel like people… At what point can someone no longer suspend their disbelief? I mean, sure, I like the idea of “ridiculously human robots” – to a point! (I know, I know, “then why make them robots at all” some will cry – and that’s a can of worms I’d care not to open right now. :P But anyway!)

    I mean, in the first place – nappies. Robots… in nappies. Aside from the fact that FUCK that would be one huuuge nappy, this requires that the baby robot, well… poops, right? So by that token… so do the adults? It’s not new, no, I have staggered blindly across some terrifying badly-written rather-abusive “watersports” stories involving TFs – and yes I know Bumblebee peed (after a fashion) in the 2007 film (and THAT made me go wtf as well), but robots urinating? It just seems… no.

    So I guess it boils down to me just being my usual nitpicky self. :P Yeah, I can accept a machine loving a non-machine, but when they get to popping out babies? Not to recycle a point, but HOW IS BABBY FORMED?! Robot breast-feeding a baby robot? NAPPIES? I just… buh. Even machines with big huge pregnant abdomens make me go “…whuuuut?”

    All right. SO. The point was, where do you lot suspend your disbelief? Does "robot + biological + magic = babby" = OK? Orrr... does ANY idea of a similarity to biology (including just a coding-intermix) = RAAAGE?

    See, the point has run off. BAH. I’ll shut up. I need to go wrangle an over-energised Seeker back into his storyline.
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Title (chapter): Warped (19)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Pulsar is "rescued", and Siphon puts Plan B into action.
Notes: OK, should I deny any responsibility for this one? ¬_¬

FYI, Pulsar and Forceps' home district has a name now. ;) "Deixar" - it's Catalan/Portuguese for "to leave, to abandon". I also considered "Rustig" (Dutch for "quiet", I think?) - I liked it because it has "rust" in it ;) - but it wasn't quite what I was after. Maybe Rustig can be the next town over?

Anyway, enough rattling! On with it.

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Nineteen )
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Title (chapter): Warped (18)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Siphon's prisoners get disobedient.

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Eighteen )
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Title (chapter): Warped (17)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Starscream makes his point - and Skyfire makes a point right back - Thundercracker makes a decision, and Skywarp is sent a present.
Notes: BWAAA. Urghhh so sloooow with the updates. It's always a bad thing when I start to work on the next stories in the sequence because I lose track of the 'published' (as in, uploaded) ones. Anyway! I hope this chapter reads all right; Starscream AND Skyfire were being very reticent about what they wanted to say to each other. :P

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Seventeen )
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Title (chapter): Warped (16)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Starscream crosses swords with Megatron, and Siphon finds new allies.
Notes: Dun-dun-dun... at last! And BOY is Deuce ever hard to write. :(

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Sixteen )
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Title (chapter): Warped (15)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which we find out bathtime can be lethal.
Notes: FWAAAAAaaaaaaaa at laaaaaaast.

    Sorry (not!) for the lateness of this update. I have totally not been slacking off, or anything. :shifty eyes: There may be some typoes, because I have stared at this for so long I've gone a bit snowblind.

    Additionally! If you haven't yet seen it, please go send lovings towards JillDragon's ficbit:
    Unaccompanied Minors
    I plan on attempting to reference it somewhere in my own scrawlings, somewhere, because it says it better than I could have. ;)

Anyway! I shall shush and stop trying to distract you from my lateness...

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Fifteen )

Edit: Owwwwwww heelblisters.
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Title (chapter): Warped (14)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Notes: In which Starscream is finally removed from the dirt, but the Coneheads don't want things to be easy.
*does little fanfare* Finally! Finished 14. Hurrah.

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Fourteen )
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Title (chapter): Warped (13)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Skywarp gets his wing repaired, and a certain red loudmouth swallows his pride enough to ask for help.

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Thirteen )

I'm not normally superstitious but this is effing stupid. Now everything at home is afting well playing up. :( I got in from work and my fire alarm is making little "pip" noises and I don't know why - I was never given a manual for it, and it's mains-run so it can't be the battery. And... argh. *flail*

This is NOT what I wanted to come home to after a day of feeling blegh at work.

Update: It's the afting backup battery that's making it peep. *flails*

Update2: AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh *flails* I CAN'T GET THE AFTING BATTERY COVER OFF. *rages around*
"Pull out power plug from back of smoke alarm"???? HOOOOOWWWW? *tears up the manual she just downloaded off the intertubes because the previous owner of the flat didn't leave it behind*
"Gently tug connector to be sure it is attached properly" - if hanging my whole considerable fecking weight off the thing didn't remove it, what's "tugging gently" going to achieve?!

Update3: AT FREAKING LAST. Battery has been changed. I swear, I will cry if this hasn't worked, because my hands really hurt from clawing at the thing now. :(

Last update, I promise. The pips have stopped. ALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH.
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Looool, I was listening to an old Blondie CD and I've found the perfect tune for Hardline :

"The Hardest Part"

"Big man of steel behind the steering wheel" - literally. ;)
...although now I want to give him a brother called "Overdrive". :P

What made me more amused was the fact that I misheard the lyrics when I first heard it (well, I WAS only about 10 or 12, my Dad gave me an old cassette with it on. I figured it was just more stupid lyrics). I thought it was "25 tonnes of heart and steel" - which is TOTALLY him. :D

I guess like a lot of authors, I like to have musics to represent my characters - it's just annoying to not be able to later listen to a track without going "lol that's so totally Character x".

Anyway! Back to your scheduled broadcast. :) This one's kinda nothingy, so I hope to get you all back to the action soon. ;)

Title (chapter): Warped (12)
Series: Transformers, G1-based (“Blue” AU)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Skywarp gets leave to stay (and a bath), and Thundercracker gets a new uniform.

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Twelve )
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I have discovered that when he's off his meds, Deuce is really hard to write. :\ (No, it's not in this chapter, as a FYI, but it will be sooner rather than later.)

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Eleven )

NB: Last call for cards! They should arrive on Monday, and I want to get them back out ASAP so I don't miss the last posting date for Christmas. :)
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Reaaally gotta get around to updating this on devART, sometime... ¬_¬

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Ten )
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Phew, this took a while to get to. And I'm STILL behind on my NaNo, AND my art, so I'm going to be playing crazy catchup on that all afternoon. Bah!

Anyway. (As an aside, I was all how-coincidental! the other day, when I had to go help out in a REAL gamma camera the other day, where a patient had collapsed. Admittedly, I was just there because they had to give her some diamorphine and I'd countersigned the book, but eh, whatever. ;))

Okay, I'll shut up and get on with the story.

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Nine )
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A/N: Aaaarghulumph. NaNoWriMo is kicking my aft this year. I have 6000 words to catch up on. :dies: Anyway!

I have nothing else witty to say here, except for a quick explanation: gamma-camera = robot x-ray. :)

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Eight )
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I have been very bad and not updating my ElJays with this. Sorry! At least I've found the cheat's way to code it... ;)

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Seven )
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‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Six )


Yeah, okay, so it was kinda obvious. ;) Never mind.

I'll link to some more art later. :D
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This chapter’s a teeny bit OC-centric while we move the action around, so I hope that’s not too annoying… I'm wondering if anyone has picked up on my little clues I've been scattering about through the story, the past few chapters... because yes, most people will quite possibly know "the Collector". ;)
For what it’s worth, I hate hate HATE timezones. :bitchy: Why oh WHY did I have to choose to set this in places that aren’t even in DAYLIGHT at the same time, most of the time?
“Okay, so if it’s lunchtime in California, then in Tunisia TC will be – crap, it’s dark. Oh well, dark is cool and good for walking in…”
qlock dot com is my new favourite website. I’ve screenshotted it to death and now have a full 24 hour shadow diagram. :P :grrs:

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Five )
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A/N: I deny any responsibility for the dodginess of some of the science in this! Technobabble ftw. Thank you all for your kind words thus far. I hope to continue to keep all your attention. ;)
Bit of a longer one, this. :)

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Four )
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A/N: I shall say it now. This chapter completely kicked my aft. :falls over:

Ugh. Sorry. I didn’t want things to move quite as quick as they have done, but my brain melted while I was writing it, so… I guess this is as good as I can make it. :\ And it's even more OOC than the last chapter, so egh, I figure that's just the way this one's gonna go.

Additionally, I shouldn’t be allowed to listen to music while I’m writing this. I end up associating the most irrelevant, inappropriate tracks with it.

“Put my hands over your eyes, but you peek through…”

Okay, so it’d fit better with the end of the storyline (and makes a very surreal image :P ) Speaking of which, I have no frickin’ idea how I’m going to finish this one. Oh well!

‘‘Warped’’, Chapter Three )

Edit: Crap, another tune has added itself to the arsenal of inappropriateness. (Bryan Adams - "You're Still Beautiful To Me") The lyrics are about as relevant as tits on a fish, but I like the tune, so nyeh. Plus, because one of the characters is particularly NOT beautiful at this point in time, it's kinda smushy and crap and makes me feel like drawing it.

*slaps self* Augh.

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