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At last, another chapter. I've been working on this one on-and-off for months - I mean, lookit: November 26th was my last upload. SIGH. I need to get back into writing in my Blue AU, at least people read it. :P

( Fake cut to chapter 19 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which Mirii finally meets Sei again, and… well, is even more confused about what to think about this whole mess. Velia and Pau sneak about in the Lanali city, getting so close to the terrorists that their boss would really not be happy if he knew about it! and Brennan finds out exactly what his captors have in store for him.
Posted words: 78140 out of 100,000

My html'ing has gone very strange. O_o I seem to have some MASSIVE gaps between some of the paragraphs.
Edit: OK, the html'ing is fixed. :D
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( Fake cut to chapter 18 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which Mirii meets Yannis’ contact in the foreign lab (and gets even more confused), Brennan moves out to the hospital, Biohazard makes a surprising discovery of his own, and Asenka crosses swords with the sinister doctor Hueil.
Posted words: 72452 out of 100,000

My writing mood still hasn’t picked up. Doesn't help that I can never write very well after work, especially when I’m also on-call – normally, I’d have the end of November as annual leave, but we have the pre-regs in the department this year, so I can’t. My count might be ok but it’s turned into horribly disjointed notes of where the story is going, to flesh out later. Highly dissatisfying.
Written this year: 46492 out of 50,000
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( Fake cut to chapter 17 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which the twins discuss their limited progress, Eri gets a message, and Asenka starts to have second thoughts about what they’re doing.
Posted words: 63,568 out of 100,000

…I don’t think my “spy thriller” is as back on track as I’d hoped. ¬_¬

I’ve not been in the greatest mood to write, the last few days. I’ve had some furniture delivered, and I was more excited about that than my writing, haha. (I, um, have also been playing a little of the game in my icon, too. But I am writing, honest!)
Written this year: 26161 out of 50,000
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( Fake cut to chapter 16 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which Mirii visits the market with Yannis (who as always has an ulterior motive) and Sei begins to find out what his abductor is up to.

Posted words:
57,361 out of 100,000

I was managing to keep ahead of my count once I got into the story, but I slowed up a little over the weekend – I keep having issues with my plot (as in, lack of it), and I don’t want to take the cheat’s way out of adding something completely random. I do mostly want this to maybe be, you know, worth reading, when I’m finished? I have bullied the plot a little bit and noted down some things I want to happen, and in what order, so I hope I’ll be able to pick up the pace a little.
Written this year: 18,939 out of 50,000

Unrelated: I really wish those bots would leave me alone. I don't WANT to have to ban people from commenting unless they're on my friends list (as I'd get no comments then, haha. ¬_¬). There's nothing more disappointing than seeing you actually have a comment on something! then realising it's just some Russian spambot trying to send you to a phishing site.
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At last, a WHOLE WEEK IN (already? Ugh), I have some new material to post!

( Fake cut to chapter 15 on Dreamwidth or LiveJournal ) In which a little deception* is revealed, more trickery is planned, and Mirii considers her options.
Posted words:
50,445 out of 100,000

My counts look a little botched from here - I mean, how can I only just be over 50k, when I just posted 6000 words?. Well, I'm starting writing from where I got up to in 2008 - I just managed to scrape past the count, but a lot of it (about 6000 words of it) was notes that I'm not really finding a place to use any more. Therefore, 100,000 is my "50,000" this year. I already know I'm not going to make it, haha.
Written this year: 12,719 out of 50,000

I just caught these lyrics from "A New England" and it made me giggle far more than it should have. I think that means it must be teatime:
I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them, but they were only satellites
It's wrong to wish on space hardware

* - totally didn't just write "a little Decepticon". Slipstream is highly insulted - calm down, bit. You're not even in this universe yet.

Edit: I was just checking where some of my traffic comes from on a couple of my blogs, and... however did someone get to my "Aude Sapere" blog from putting "buy viagra" into a search engine? :P And it's a little disappointing to see people are coming from "website stats and valuation" sites. ¬_¬

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Wednesday, 12 March 2008 12:24 pm
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Like Clockwork "Like Clockwork"
Forgot to post this yesterday. Doodle with GIANT HANDS OMG. *grumps*

Need to decide if he needs wings or anything - supposed to be a very stylised doodle, like something Tora is thinking about, but I'm not sure if I can do that. :P "Stylised" isn't so easy for me, I just want to go OMG UBER-DETAILED ATTEMPT AT QUASI-REALISM all the time. :P


Going to add some real watch parts/cogs, later. They'll be the "flowers" in his hand. Looks "grey" because it IS drawn on grey/thready paper. I hoped it'd look suitably "industrial", but eh. Whatever.

(Click to enlarge)

To come: been making progress with my cover. Vectors, watercolour and pencils, and "real media" (cogs) (when they arrive) (grr). Might post pics later.

My art makes my brain hurt, at the moment. *sigh*

Edit: Typical, stupid in-house ElJay code stuffs up and breaks my journal.

Thing-a-day 01!

Friday, 1 February 2008 11:57 pm
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For today's "thing", I did ARTS!

Sei. At the very, very, VERY end of his patience.

And Iios, looking... eh, I dunno.

These were drawn on some scraps of ECG-machine paper I found in my BNF. There'd been some on the ward in the scrap paper box and I took a coupla bits to write tablet-crushing-instructions on, then never used the, I thought the squarey paper would be an amusing touch for Kirasiinu characters. ;) Markers no happy about the thermal surface, though.


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Thursday, 17 January 2008 11:53 pm
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Peevish Peevish
Oops. I wonder what Bor said to him?

There'll be a better scan for later, but eh, this is good enough for now. :)

Disclaimer: No, I didn't write the quote. It's actually something Siddhartha Buddha said - although I originally thought it was Gandhi, until I re-looked it up. Still. Both appropriate theologians for little Sei, no?


Monday, 29 October 2007 10:01 pm
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Several attempts later, I finally get the look I want (at least, close to it) for my little Sei:

He looks rather dashing, if nothing else.

...although I wish I'd made him blue, or something, instead, now. *grumble* "Oily, velvet black" is very hard to carry off in real media, and not lose all the details.

Anyway, that's probably going to become one of my ElJay icons, when I get to posting the story. Whee.

Mmm, sticky

Monday, 29 October 2007 09:02 am
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I think I'm going to make some Moo Stickers to go along with my other bits and pieces, and I can use my little pics I'm going to use as [ profile] thunderdaughter's ElJay icons. Hurrah! ART TO COME LATER PEOPLE. :)

Sidenote: Sei is a pain to colour. *grumblerumble*

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007 10:37 pm
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Sei's Pinboard Sei's Pinboard
It started out as his place to put blueprints, partly so they were all in one place and partly so his friends/employers/whoever could peruse them, but I think he got a little sidetracked. The curly squiggles are Kiravai handwriting, and down the very lefthand side under the stick-Mirii going "hurrah!" with a conical flask is Sei going REALLY sidetracked and writing poetry. (Well, trying to. I'm debating ACTUALLY trying to write it as a bit of poetry from him.)

Tsu and her pet And this is Tsu and her pet.
Tsu is one of the "People of the Gleaming Lily" (read: NOT one of the "People of the Stone Mountain", aka the "Aztecs"), and is Mirii's friend, after realising the tall female is lost and needs help. The thing hasn't got a name yet, it's just big and lumpy. LUMPY. (Edit: Oops, messed up my hutmuls)

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Sunday, 7 October 2007 02:55 pm
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Wasn't going to post this picture since it's not finished, but eh, I'm quite pleased with the linework so far. Aww, smoochies.

Picture under cut )

Yes, Sei HAS had a haircut, and Mirii has beads in her hair - may be more obvious when I've coloured it.

In other news, I have a new scanner (woo!). I haven't installed the thing, yet - still haven't taken it out of its box, to be honest - because I have nowhere to put it (anti-woo). My PC desk is only just big enough for the little old scanner I have on it right now (which is only just A4 in size). BUT! I may soon be able to scan things WELL, and (fingers crossed) not have to worry about futzing up the colours to get it to register the more subtle tones, and so on. So yay. :D

NB: I ADORE this CD. Inspires me in a dozen ways.


Sunday, 10 June 2007 12:50 pm
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Been thinking about making some of those "Moo" cards for PROPER, since I applied for the promo pack of 10. Working on a "Windchaser" design (you know, like my website, dark green with yellow text and etc?), but thinking I made my text too small - I mean, these cards are pretty wee, ne? (I haven't actually GOT the free cards yet*, but I was bored at work one lunchtime and made a template to show how unbig they are.) Don't want the writing to be all illegibles. Anyway. Anyone got any ideas for what I should put on 'em?

So far, these are the ''Windchaser'' designs... )

(* I've been hearing good things about these cards and WOULD like to have a set to use a bit like unusual business-cards. I might get some proper business cards done at some point. But this is all once them free ones have arrived, anyway... blah. I got in towards the end of the promotion, because I don't have a paid journal and only found out about it when all the other free ones did, so of course mine are still held up in "printing", and have been since 25th May. Ohwell.)

And in other news, have some other artings (cut for space) )

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Wednesday, 6 June 2007 07:12 am
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Siinueri. (pic) )

Edit: Update! Sei's little "personal project" has now acquired a name: she is "Mirii" (pronounced a little like "Marie"). Pics later! Yay. Well, pic of her after he'd painted her, anyway, as right now in my notes she's still a "blank canvas", a really pure brilliant white. Working on a drawing of the "in-progress" bit (the actual Sei-with-paintbrush bit), so far dubbed "Masterpiece". Whee!

Still need to think of a name for the cob that later adopts Mirii, though. The pen is "Aemi" (like "Ay-eemi", but one syllable), but her husband (a retired military commander) is giving me problems. I may have to fire up the "random word generator."


Sunday, 25 June 2006 01:03 am
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My subconscious seems to have thought it would be better to finish off Iios's brother's profile instead of doing Ivy's, so go figure.

Sei, profile )

I'll get Ivy finished SOMEtime. Along with Azure, and Ren, and Lena, and Ral and Ito Stargazer, and... Geh.

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