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Wednesday, 6 June 2007 07:12 am
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Siinueri. (pic) )

Edit: Update! Sei's little "personal project" has now acquired a name: she is "Mirii" (pronounced a little like "Marie"). Pics later! Yay. Well, pic of her after he'd painted her, anyway, as right now in my notes she's still a "blank canvas", a really pure brilliant white. Working on a drawing of the "in-progress" bit (the actual Sei-with-paintbrush bit), so far dubbed "Masterpiece". Whee!

Still need to think of a name for the cob that later adopts Mirii, though. The pen is "Aemi" (like "Ay-eemi", but one syllable), but her husband (a retired military commander) is giving me problems. I may have to fire up the "random word generator."
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Eri, slightly redesigned (images under cut) )
I apologise for the quality of the colouring. I only have 8 Copics (5 of which are either green or purple or too dark), some cheaptastic colouring pencils, and some fineliner writing pens. So... colouring could have gone better.
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Part 2! (Finally glued together nicely - the story, I mean). Follows on from Part One
''Rogue in Velvet'' (part 2) )
More later!
Edit: *finally finished chapter one*
"Part 3" follows
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Start of ''Rogue in Velvet'' (Introducing Eri and Iios - at last!) )
This, I hasten to add, is nothing like the stupidity I (to my later shame) posted the other day. So it's "safe." ;)
Edit: I probably should link part 2 to this, for completeness' sake...


Friday, 11 August 2006 04:15 pm
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Just a quicklet! Art under cut )

Done! *runs off to work*

Teabreak edit: Planning on putting a kind of "materials tutorial" up on my site - as in, the sort of "which are good materials to buy", the pros and cons of the various media, markers, pencils etc type thing. Would anyone find that vaguely useful? As I have plenty of the various materials AT home, I could probably get some kind of halfway useful comparison of the types up, especially since when *I* started using markers, *I* didn't realise how much they were apt to bleed, so it stands to reason not everyone ELSE will either. (Actually, I'm going to write the "tutorial" anyway, I just wondered if anyone would have anything in particular they'd want to see.) Although in my OMG MAKE ROOM FOR ART mega box-buying session the other day I realised just how MANY different materials I had - 4 brands of markers (Prismacolours, extortionately imported from the USA, and a few each of Trias, Promarkers (read: cheap Trias) and Copics), PITT india ink pens, ZIG double-ended brushpens, lePlume II pens, wax pencils (various brands), watercolour pencils, ink pencils, watersoluble graphite pencils, drawing inks, ink-pads, watercolours, acrylics, gouache, and beads. And that's probably not all of it. See why I have nowhere to work, now? :P Keaalu = magpie.
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So it's St Valentines day, so shoot me. :) I felt like being stupid for a while. (This doesn't relate to any story I've written yet, I just felt like writing it. Yay!)


     Eri sat slumped in the armchair, bored beyond belief. He’d been in the combined bathroom/wardrobe for ever. (Well, forever in comparison to his usual speedy “wash and polish”.) What the hell it was took Synth so long to actually do she didn’t know, but whatever it was she was tired of waiting; there were only so many times a Vulline could brush her hair, fiddle with her jewellery. She had her back to the door, sitting at her desk and “adjusting” her makeup, when he finally emerged.
     “Well?” he asked, in That tone of voice, and she immediately got a nagging sense of oh-no-what’s-he-done-THIS-time…?
     She turned warily to face him… And for a full thirty seconds she found she could only stand and gape; his reasons for being in the bathroom for so long were immediately apparent. He looked absolutely stunning – but he was wearing a dress (as well as makeup and gloves and half a dozen other elegant but very girly things).
     “Iios-… You can’t wear that-!” she stammered.
     “Why not?” he twirled elegantly, and his long, flowing, slightly curled hair followed in a graceful arc.
     “-…! It’s a dress!”
     “So?” he pouted, elaborately, and let his voice drift into a seductive (but fairly androgynous) velvet husk. “I think it rather complements my eyes.”
     “But you’re male!”
     “A fairly non-functional one,” he reminded her. “And what does that matter, anyway? Girls can wear trousers, so why can’t I wear a skirt?”
     She covered her face with her hands. “You’re supposed to be my consort-”
     “Oh, come on, you’ll love the attention,” he – she? – took her arm, and patted her hand. “Come on darling. Our public awaits!”
     “You’re hopeless,” Eri groaned, but let herself be led.


Well, why not? :)

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Monday, 13 February 2006 07:21 pm
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Saturday, 4 February 2006 11:02 pm
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...I think I need to get some at-least-half-assed character profiles done. :P Particularly if I'm wanting to update my site and get it into some semblance of order. I mean, Iios isn't really acting much like himself - probably purely because most of what I'm writing involves him and Eri, and the way he acts towards ERI doesn't really reflect his opinion of EVERYONE ELSE. Rurr. :P

Gotta go mop the kitchen now. Grah.

Edit: These are some old notes I decided to move into "public", as I highly doubt anything will come of them now - they're not the sort of thing that's easily "recycled". But anyway. They WERE on my private board on my forum, but now they're in the "public" area (although you still need a (free) user name to read them.)
Kiravai "vampires"? And nanobots. Yay microcellular machines.
"Lii" is another of my exiled Kiravai - he's going to show up in one of my later stories, provided I ever get there, and eventually pairs up with Azure. At this point in time, he was affiliated with Asri, a friend's character, which might be why it doesn't make a lot of sense.

All gone weird

Wednesday, 1 February 2006 01:55 pm
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My new storyline has gone all stupid; I'm not sure what I ate for supper last night but it really made my ideas go all weird - and Iios got into a rage and showed what he's capable of (at least he had a semi-reason for doing it - can't say it made Eri any happier, though). :P

I think I need to beat the idea with a stick and get it back into order.

...and you KILLED them...! )

May post the other bit/more later, but I'm at work now *hides* (okay, well, lunch, really. too, many, commas) and I don't have it with me. Plus of course I ought to try and get the FIRST idea finished, but pfft this is more interesting. ;)

(note: "Gavos" and "Alopeia" are Vul deities, not an alternative name, so it's like saying "Christ", or something. Just in case anyone wondered why she was randomly saying names :P)

Edit: (23:01, at home) Okay, so it's rather biased. ;) Might make more sense here:
All the notes so far, in a mostly-correct order

Random notelings

Tuesday, 31 January 2006 11:46 am
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Whee, thinkings. No LJ cut this time, as it's short. :)


     They were at one side of the hall, nestled on a pile of cushions, watching proceedings, thankfully being left alone for now. Eri was still uncomfortable, since her current role meant she was expected to do things she didn’t much care for doing, but had very quickly got used to the idea of not showing her discomfort. Right now, it mostly bothered her to see the condition Iios was in– didn’t matter that it had been his idea, or mostly his execution of the idea, she felt guilty for not dissuading him out of it. In her opinion, they could have just hidden, just sneaked about in the shadows and stowed away on a ship, got away without any of these drastic changes. And even though he assured her it didn’t matter, it was just a silly biological idea, customs that didn’t apply to him… he’d looked sad and uncomfortable when she’d handed him the amputated parts, for safekeeping, so he could replace them later. He’d been proud of his looks, after all – the sheer number of clothes he owned, the number of different “wigs”, the time he lavished on getting himself looking just right… And to willingly give up his status! It might just be an act but everyone around him treated him like a fallen Kiravai – shamed and broken, outcast from his home and society, unwanted. Of course there were rumours, too, rumours about why he might have been so brutally kicked down – sexual deviance, open public vulgarity, criminal activity. He attracted attention, certainly, but then he’d have attracted attention however he looked – seeing Kiravai outside their home Territory was almost unheard of – and thankfully it was all the right sort of attention. And in spite of his problems getting used to the idea of letting biologicals push him around, tell him what to do, and mock what they saw as his ill fortune and lack of ears, he too had begun to relax into his assumed role.
     “Don’t you feel this…?” she asked, softly, gently fussing his bald scalp, his stubby ears; although she preferred him with hair, there was something peculiarly attractive about his smooth, naked skull.
     As befitted a docile, obedient slave, he was perched in the cushions next to her (although closer to the floor, as his status suggested), his head resting in her lap. “No,” he confirmed, quietly, opening his eyes very briefly to glance up at her. “That is, I feel you doing it, but that’s all.”
     “It doesn’t feel pleasant, or anything?” Like a great many Vuls, she was very easily reduced to incoherency by anyone paying attention of any sort to her ears, and it seemed almost inconceivable that he felt only the tactile nature of it.
     “Well, I appreciate the attention,” he smiled, sadly, “but that’s it.”
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As ever, I have NEW IDEAS for storylines (before I even finish the first ones), bah. I'll chuck them up in the forum later, as they're those sort of scratscrat nonsense ideas that make even less sense than the ones I've been posting so far. Basic gist is thus: for reasons that have not yet made themselves clear to me, my current "busy pair" are stranded somewhere that they need to escape from, but they mustn't be recognised, which requires a disguise. Soo... most of the "idea" is playing with giving them their disguises. So yay. *nods*

Edeets: Here! Notelies.

I have some other silly chunter regarding showering and what a Vulline takes to get clean, but that's not worth posting yet. And it's not very exciting :P (Usually, "what it takes" is lots and lots of time. Furries never seem to contemplate that fact when doing the whole "OMG CUTESY FURRY THICK POOFY FUR!" Can you imagine trying to cope with a thick full-body pelt, and I don't mean JUST when it comes to moulting? (You'd get through GALLONS of shampoo.) I'd imagine a lot might just clip it short to avoid the problem :P )


Saturday, 28 January 2006 11:17 pm
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S'more notes. There's more to the idea, but I've not written it yet, and I want to go to bed. :P

Him say, 'Ouch' )

Generating a rogue

Wednesday, 25 January 2006 01:30 pm
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Just some more scrat with Iios. Ideas, opinions etc welcome, just getting stuff down, trying to get his persona to come across how I want him. He's being fairly impolite towards Eri because there's nothing "meaningful" (as he'd call it) between them yet, she's "just another dirty hairy biological" to cause him problems, but eventually "something" will happen... :P I'm thinking he meets Eri first, then Alexa, but the storyline's still up in the air. All depends on "factors outside my control". :P

Eria'dane is a pale-furred Vulline - sort of like "fawn light" in colour - with enough star gene to cause white speckles and blotches over her hips and arms. :) I need to get her colours down sometime, soo...

Meeting Eri )

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