Drug Dealing

Monday, 5 March 2018 12:17 pm
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Title: Remember Me (06)
Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Although she appreciates the determination certain people have to cure her illness, Forceps wishes it didn’t leave her feeling like Starscream’s science project.

Reminder: Sepp has a type of motor imperfecta, or improper formation of motor control pathways. Symptom-wise it’s like Parkinson’s; origin-wise it’s more like a prion disease, which is why it’s so hard to find a cure for. But then some machines have a dogged tendency to treat definitions like “incurable” as a personal challenge.

Hardline hadn’t even been gone for a whole breem when the door to Forceps’ home ~clicked~ and admitted a familiar set of red wings. Forceps set her journal down on the table, and watched her uninvited guest approach. ''How long have you been lurking out there, waiting for Hack to leave?'' )
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Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: For reference, this is set just after "Needs/Wants". (Which I just realised I didn't upload here, for some reason... I'll fix that later. I actually wrote this around August last year, just didn't post it for reasons.)

Since their little spark-to-spark, Pulsar has started seeing TC in a slightly different light.

Working alone, late at night, in a poorly-lit office, was having a different benefit-disadvantage ratio to the one Pulsar had anticipated, and she wasn’t sure it was turning out to be as good an idea as she’d hoped. )

"Keeping It"

Friday, 7 April 2017 07:22 pm
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Title (chapter): Keeping It
Series: G1-based “Blue” AU
Words: ~5123
Setting – Deixar, Cybertron. “Blue” AU, probably about 8 years (1 deci-vorn?) before the missing Skywarp finally reappears.

It’s good to have family for when you need to get out of a jam, right? Whitesides just happens to get into bigger jams than most. )
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Anger Mismanagement

Thursday, 7 May 2015 12:00 am
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Series: Transformers, G1-based “Blue” AU
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Everybody knew a sparkling raised by former Decepticons would have an element of violence in his upbringing, but nobody expected quite such a huge change in Slipstream's behaviour - from that bright-eyed, friendly sparkling to a hostile, belligerent adolescent. Just what has happened since his family's trine crashed out of the war to work such a huge burr into his plating?

Just a "short" (haha okay it's almost 9000 words) set in the Blue AU; trying to get myself back into writing. ^_^
Prompt: Anger

''Not meaning to be rude, SIR, but why precisely am I here.'' )


Tuesday, 15 October 2013 11:46 pm
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A little bit of something that I've been playing with, since I saw the prompt "wearing each other's clothes" in a meme. ^__^ (I'm totally not putting off struggling to finish a chapter of FT, honest)


After working all through the night, helping co-ordinate a rescue after a derelict skyscraper had collapsed on the Rustig border, Thundercracker was tired. He sat in the big chair facing the huge window, watching a flier stitch contrails into an insipid mackerel sky, nursing half a cube of high-grade and waiting for the sun to show itself before finally retiring to his room to get some much-needed down time.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and concentrated on bleeding off a little of the pressure in his helm. Getting all the injured parties out from under the rubble and shipped off to hospital had been fairly draining, and he could really have done with Skywarp’s help, but the teleport had been in a particularly funny mood. He’d mainly just got under everyone’s feet, before finally disappearing and turning off his locator beacon altogether.

It was only a general lack of energy that stopped Thundercracker going in search of his errant wingmate and delivering the well-earned punch in the head that had Skywarp’s name on it.

Calm, TC. Think how nice and cool and fresh your energon is. Think how good it’ll feel to get all your gyroscopes rebalanced, all your coolant lines depressurised, all your memory defragmented. When you get up, you’ll feel like a new mech.

He watched the sun begin to peek over the horizon, blushing an insipid morning sky with a subtle pink glow, and snorted at himself. Once I’ve strangled Skywarp, maybe. He deactivated his optics and allowed the play of morning sunlight across his enamel to lull him into a pleasant doze.

He was at the point of finally offlining altogether when the shrill squeal of outrage blasted into his awareness, rudely stripping away the layers of comfortable dormancy. Worryingly, it was male. More worryingly, it wasn’t Starscream. The blue Seeker leaped out of his chair, barely maintaining his sleepy balance, and collided with one of the easy chairs, already looking for attackers-

The house appeared to be empty… save for the raised voices, coming from Skywarp’s suite. Great. Knocking the bolts out of his wingmate's thick head could wait until he'd dealt with whoever was trying to kill him. Punching the fragger was a privilege only trinemates were party to.

Thundercracker launched himself at the upstairs level, narrowly avoiding crashing into the skylight, and vaulted over the mezzanine wall, already broadcasting an emergency code to unlock the door.

Barging through, weapons charged and ready for anything, he was not prepared for what he found. “What in Pit-?”

Two strangers occupied the berth. A large, bemused, mostly-white female Seeker with blue cheek flashes and a smooth helm, and a small, dark bike, glaring at his hands with a murderous expression in his crimson optics, blazing hot enough to melt sheet metal. It was the hottest, most baleful crimson glow the blue jet had seen in a long time, very nearly bright enough to light the entire room.

Or-… wait. The closer Thundercracker looked, the more he realised that the pair weren’t so unfamiliar, after all. The big femme bore the trademark police Battenburg in blue and yellow, the vivid squares marching up each wing, and in place of audio venting, she bore a rounded blue crystal lens on each side of her head. By contrast, the little dark mech was primarily black, with a smart silver “waistcoat”, and extremities such a lurid purple that it couldn’t be anyone other than-

Skywarp?” Thundercracker finally let his hands drop back to his sides, and straightened up, able only to gawp.


(It's nearly Nanowrimo, noooo)

"Little Phoenix Lost"

Thursday, 16 May 2013 01:56 pm
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Some old story notes - somewhat disjointed, as ever. It's mostly for my own record, in case I lose them, as I don't think I ever posted these on a public journal; these date back from the days of "Mystery Valley" or whatever that private forum was called? Anyway.

These were part of the inspiration I had for a short story I'm working on (while I try and get over my endless writer's block). I have a couple of pictures associated with this to upload later, but they're not scanned at the moment. One needs "stitching together" as well, as the character went off the page, drat.

"She"/Lii's partner doesn't have a name, at the moment - she was a character belonging to someone I used to collaborate on writing with, with whom I haven't spoken for a few years, so I've just "unnamed" her for now.

''Little Phoenix Lost'' - old ideas - Cut for length )

This goes alongside the "Mandala" idea I posted a couple of weeks ago:
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Just a quick and dirty little mockup in Paint, to see if it looks how I want before I commit to recreating it in real life. (I'm going to stitch it, I think.) It's only the background of a larger picture, although I quite like the look of it anyway and might end up using it "as is" as well. (The little white dots are just where the "holes" were on my template. They won't be on the finished thing.)
Image under cut )

In other news, I have been inspired by the project [livejournal.com profile] muffins_of_god is participating in, and wondered if writing some shorter things might kick my writing brain back into gear.

This "mandala" was going to be part of some art associated with one of the stories. It's quite an old idea, although I don't know if I ever posted anything about it publically (I think I came up with it back in Uni, which was before I had an LJ) - a kidnapped kiravai child (who grows up to become one of my old semi-regular characters) is helped to safety by a creature from their mythology.

Edit: For goodness sake, LJ. Why is it SO HARD to post pictures (in a way that is not distorted or too small to see) from the scrapbook now? The old scrapbook was so much more user friendly. >:(
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I don't really have an excuse for this. ^^ It's highly stupid and mostly cracky and fell out of my headspace when my alarm clock poked me out of some delicious REMs, one morning.
(In order to be sure I actually wake up, I have to have three alarm clocks and they all go off randomly at 5-7 minute intervals for about 30 minutes before I'm actually AWAKE. For the first few minutes of that I'm still bumbling around mostly in REM, so I end up getting some pretty vivid dreams. I just don't manage to always write them down - which is something I think I need to change, ha.)

And of course, I've dreamed about various Seekers (and their progeny) a number of times, lately. This is one such dream; the approx 1700 words of prime stupidity that floated to the surface of my brainpan this morning.

It's a bit of a spoiler, as it's set waaay into the future of the Blue AU, some time significantly AFTER the end of "Future Tense" (which I'm still working on, I promise! I just have some major plot surgery to do), when a certain are-they/aren't-they couple have FINALLY decided that yeah, they've yelled at each other for long enough, and they've enjoyed interacting/playing mad scientist enought to want to get back together. (Because we all know they will, eventually, even if it does take TC banging their heads together to knock a little bit of sense back in?)

The reason for the little sojourn to Earth is probably just so that el Screaming one can upset the delicate inner balance of the Ark, but didn't count on his own inner balance being the one affected. Thousands of years of relative peace do not negate the desire certain Twins have when it comes to pranking certain jets.

I accept no responsibility for the breaking of brains. Read at Own Risk.

Hello, Chicken )

(Edit: I knooow, it goes very OOC towards the end, haha. But hey, it was a dream, I can't help it if my subconscious does weird things.)

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