"Runs from Silence"

Saturday, 10 March 2018 07:58 am
keaalu: The words runs from silence written over a background of a starry sky (RfS)
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So, after weeks of wrangling with ideas, none of which I was particularly happy with, "Speckle" finally has a proper title: "Runs from Silence"

It means I can properly set up my "novel notebook", at last! (I have a notebook for every major story I write - the Blue AU has a more general TWO* notebooks, with ideas and fluff and pictures in it them) I've already been collecting pictures and themes and ideas together, but without a nice cover it didn't feel "real" yet.

I'm working on putting the plot together - I always used to be a "pantser" but I've only actually finished things I PLOTTED recently so I'm trying that, this time.

(*-get it right, girl.)

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