"Runs from Silence"

Saturday, 10 March 2018 07:58 am
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So, after weeks of wrangling with ideas, none of which I was particularly happy with, "Speckle" finally has a proper title: "Runs from Silence"

It means I can properly set up my "novel notebook", at last! (I have a notebook for every major story I write - the Blue AU has a more general TWO* notebooks, with ideas and fluff and pictures in it them) I've already been collecting pictures and themes and ideas together, but without a nice cover it didn't feel "real" yet.

I'm working on putting the plot together - I always used to be a "pantser" but I've only actually finished things I PLOTTED recently so I'm trying that, this time.

(*-get it right, girl.)
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"Speckle" is a working title. You'll note I've attached the tag (Edit: Now it has a proper title, so it's been edited to "Runs from silence", woo!) to a couple of other entries, to save re-linking them...

"Speckle" is the working name the characters give the strange white creature they rescue from the spaceport, because, well... she's speckly? From their point of view, no-one's completely sure if she's sentient or just a smart/-ish animal.

Link to pictures (tumblr)

Yes, Speckle is Pulse. She doesn't understand their language, and they wouldn't understand hers if she could speak it, so there's a lot of confusion in the start. The crew rescue her from the spaceport, from which she was going to be shipped off to a mysterious buyer somewhere, leading to a chase between the planets and the discovery of a mysterious society (hint: might be dragons) at the centre of the galaxy.

But not all is as it seems in the green oasis she might have discovered. Only this little white dwarf our heroine might have the key to finally defeating the growing threat at utopia's heart... and only if she can find her confidence and believe in her own abilities.


Jess (Jevics a'Sekilus) is a cargo handler, member of a small freighter crew of about seven. He's a laima spur with no real plans for life except drifting his way through it.
Mara (full name undecided) is Jess's cousin, and got him the job on the ship. She's highly unimpressed by how undisciplined he is. She's the first mate, and deals with logistics and accounts.
Pip (again, I don't have her full mame) is an albino DuSkai; albinos are outcasts in her society as they're considered duplicitous as they can't change their skintone, but the freight crew don't mind. She's a good all-rounder, deals with navigation, cargo handling and piloting.
The captain – a jet black ondras, who still doesn’t have a name yet – is also their medic.
There's also a vulline with the wokring name of "Kit" (which will probably change when I can think of something because I have far too many samenames right now), who I think is a pilot+cargo handler.

Fic notes under the cut... )
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So I wasn't planning on uploading this but eh, it's productivity. I spotted this on tumblr this morning and I went "oops. I think this is me right now?"

In case it disappears, it says:
"real writing tip sometimes you write your best stuff when you don’t even try or don’t even think about ever publishing it or doing anything with it
you go: imma write this for me and next thing you know you’ve written 60K and you have an entire world and plot and you wonder why you didn’t indulge yeARS AGO
(Audrey Rose B.)

I'm still not really planning on doing anything with this, but it's still productivity, right? And we all know what they say about plans.

Some disjointed notes! Kitty-giraffe is lost, cold, and wet )

Maybe now she'll get out of my head?

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