Blue Masterlist

Monday, 18 December 2017 08:24 am
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A ginormous masterpost of all (although I'm sure I've missed a couple) the stories set (at least partly) in the Blue Universe.
Items with no links are work I've started but haven't worked on much/enough to upload yet.
(You may note a lot are based on dreams. Yes, I dream about TFs a lot. (More than this list would imply, too. ¬_¬))

Update 11:15 01/01/2018: Stickified! Added a new little short; "Unspoken" (bottom of page for links).
Update 17:50 09/01/2018: Added a new short; "Different Kinds of Heat".
Update 12:07 13/01/2018: Added a new short; "All Begins with 'P'".
Update 12:36 05/03/2018: Added a new short; "Drug Dealing".
Update 22:33 13/05/2018: Added a new short; "Take the Initiative".
Update 08:26 24/05/2018: Added a new short; "Happy? Anniversary!"
Update 09:14 14/04/2019: Not any new links, specifically, but I have a new chapter of "Remember Me" uploaded.

Okay this is looong so I'm putting it under a cut )

The Writing Index

Monday, 28 January 2013 01:59 pm
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NOTE 01/01/2018: This was intended initially to just be a list of titles with details about the progress I've made with them, but I'm planning to do a major update of it and bring it in line with the "Blue Masterlist" some time soon hopefully.

This has got a little longer than I was anticipating! All details about unfinished works, works in progress, and planned works, are now under cuts. (Unfortunately, I didn't realise a "sticky" post would go to the top of EVERYthing (including pages filtered by tags) and since it's quite large and takes up most of the screen when it's open, I've tucked it away under a cut.

There WERE two individual cuts for different subjects but unfortunately those don't appear to be functional any more; I'll have a think about this later...

NB: At some point I'm going to be pulling my work down off LiveJournal, there's just quite a lot of it to pull.

Click here for details on ''Sapere'' works: )

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